My Goals

  1. Set Up a Family, Weekly Meal Plan.
  2. Sew & Sell Sewn Items on Etsy.  
  3. Make an Apron for My Grandmother in Illinois.
  4. Take a Photography Class.
  5. Attend a Marriage Conference (not by myself...that would be wierd).
  6. Go on a Girls Get-A-Way Weekend.
  7. Take a Cooking Class.
  8. Sew More Aprons.
  9. Take a Theology/Biblical Studies Type Class.
  10. Try EVERYTHING on My Crafty List: this is going to be a big task.
  11. Catch Up on Scrapbooking: going to a scrapcamp in May.
  12. Loose Weight by Exersicing 4-6 Days a Week: been on a roll since October on this goal.
  13. Maintain Healthy Eating Habbits.
  14. Enjoy the Little Moments with My Family.
  15. Take Pictures of our Family & of Dan and I at Every Major Event.
  16. Go on a Date Night with My Husband Once a MONTH!
  17. Work Harder on My Marriage and Relationship with My Hubbs
  18. DON'T WANT, Be Content With What I Have.
  19. Go to Church Weekly.
  20. Search for Fellowship & Community through back yard BBQ's, church communities, friends going deeper...whatever it takes and where the Lord leads.
  21. Write 25 Messages/Lessons About What I Learn: goal is to post them here.
  22. Be Passionate Daily.
  23. Praise Often: thank the Lord for EVERYTHING He is.
  24. Pray MORE: never cease praying...when I think about it...I want to pray about it.
  25. Recognize People's Lives and Important Events.
  26. Be More of a Friend/Giver, Without Expectation.
  27. Be Honest and Open: will be attempting to do this here.