Thursday, December 25, 2008

We Celebrate the Day

Christmas Eve with the Schmidgall's
Every year the extended Schmidgall family gets together on Christmas eve to exchange gifts and have a light dinner. This year was our first experience with a child. It was pretty fun, despite the fact that Marissa did not get her afternoon nap and she was a little cranky by the time we started opening gifts. She ended up doing alright, but it was touch and go for a little while. We had a great time seeing family that we only see a few times a year. It never seems like there is enough time to get quality conversations in with everyone. Every year Dan and I leave saying we are glad that our extended family still takes the time and effort to continue to gather together.

Marissa's first present ever. She needed Dan to help her open it (she was pretty fussy before she got the gift :). The hat was made by cousin Emily...impressive, and it even matched with her outfit.

Her favorite gift were the blocks. Aunt Bev and Marilyn are so thoughtful. I read during college that children who play with blocks are smarter...she is starting early.

All gifts are toys, right?

Christmas Day
Dan and I decided this year to offer our home to entertain the Tim Schacher family on Christmas day. We thought it would be easier for Papa (not to have to worry about cleaning, decorating, making the entire meal, etc.) and Marissa (actually going down for naps during the day). Also, the Schacher family loves to stay up late and watch Christmas movies, so we would have missed out on that part of the holiday tradition in order to get Marissa home and asleep at a decent hour. I love decorating and making sure everything is perfect, while Dan loves to entertain and make sure that everything under the sun is available for guests. We make quite the pair, but to me it becomes slightly overwhelming trying to keep everything perfect. At some point in the evening, I gave up and just relaxed and enjoyed Christmas. We had a great sit down dinner and were entertained by Marissa most of the time. She was in the high chair next to the food table when after a few minutes we realized she could reach the table. Of course it was too late and she had crammed mashed potatoes in her mouth. Then we opened gifts and got the traditional family pj's from "Santa" (something Dan's mom used to do). The evening ended around 2:00am after watching "The Elf" and "Christmas with the Cranks". What a great Christmas.

"Mmmmm...mashed potatoes are good!"

The Schacher Family (minus Isaiah) in the traditional Christmas pj's.

Marissa loved climbing on Papa's gift.

Asiah, Dan, and Papa watching movies until 2:00am. What a great Christmas tradition!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Artic Blast 2008

Fun in the Snow
It has been so unusual in the Valley this December, we have had snow for almost 2 weeks. Many families would be excited for this type of weather to go away, but our family LOVES it. Dan lives for this kind of weather because it means he can get out the Jeep and have fun with his large toy. He has come up with all the reasons I can think of to leave the house and drive around. On Monday and Tuesday Marissa and I joined him and drove around town most of the day. We managed to tow a few people up hills and pull others out that were stuck. Dan just loves helping people out and would drive around all day looking for people he could "give a hand".

Dan and I's drive's turned into me yelling "stop, that might be a good picture" :)

The ground is so white, it was beautiful!

Fun with the Bennetts
On Monday we decided to go into Salem with Ryan and Tara Bennett. We were able to call up Grandma last minute and run into Target. We had a great time, even though it was just a quick drive to town. In the evening we ended up at the Bennetts for a little bit and the kids had a blast together.

Mya and Marissa enjoying the Dan and Tara show.

Dan and Tara fighting for attention of the "girls". I think Tara won.

More Fun in the Snow
Even though there has been snow on the ground for more than a week, Dan and I hadn't taken Marissa out to experience it for the first time. So on Tuesday we decided it was definitely time and ventured to Dan's dad's house where there was nice powdery snow. There Marissa got to sink into almost 8 inches of cold snow. One of her first reactions was to try and eat the snow, since Dan had brought some in for her to try on Monday.

First family snow picture.

Daddy and Daughter having a special moment.

Marissa and I had fun in the snow.

All Marissa wanted to do was eat the snow. It got a little cold after a while.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weather Sometimes Changes Plans

Cold Weather Changes Plans (Sometimes)
The week began with crazy weather (as most of you probably already know). I love it, but when it gets cold in the Willamette Valley life is put on hold. So, first I was bummed to have to cancel a get together with two friends from college. We have tried 2 different times to get us and our kiddos together, but have had to cancel. Maybe we'll get to do it sometime soon. There was question on whether or not the YL Appreciation Dinner would continue, but with the catering plans and all the hard work people put in...on it went.

Young Life Leader Appreciation Night
Well, it finally came to a close on Monday night. All the hard work I put into the YL dinner helped things flow very well. Dan was able to get off work early (the BOSS let him off) and help me set up a few last minute things for the "Humor Mystery Dinner". We put lights up in the Young Life office, set up tables and chairs, set a "crime scene" on the stage, decorated a Christmas Tree, and practiced the program (some of this happened Sunday evening also). The leaders arrived dressed in their best, and expecting to do a progressive dinner. I think they were pretty surprised when the committee members served them hor' d'oeuvres while they were waiting outside. Once we let them in, Dan and some of the high school kids put on Act 1 of their skit. The leaders had clues to read for 3 different rounds and started playing along with the "game" by the end of the evening. We had a great dinner of chicken, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. Every ounce of work that was put into this evening was worth it while we were watching the leaders laugh and enjoy being served and appreciated. God has given them a gift of time and talent that they choose to use to change the lives of high school and middle school kids. It was a pleasure to put on a special evening for them. Here are some fun pictures from the evening.

Dan (aka Old Man River) and a group of YL kids putting on the "HVU: Humor Victims Unit" skit.

The beautifully set tables thanks to Krystina and Teresa (the master decorators).

The amazing group of Young Life and WyldLife leaders (minus 3) posing in the crime scene.

Stuck at Home
Most of the week Marissa and I just stayed home and tried to keep ourselves busy. There were days that I thought about venturing into Salem, but that thought passed and we continued to play at home. I remained at home and actually very unproductive pretty much all week. On Friday, we took an adventure as a family (I begged Dan to get out with Marissa and I) to the grocery store. It was quite the adventure :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not Quite Routine

Getting into a Routine
Monday was a good day, knowing that Dan was actually coming home in the evening, instead of being on countdown untill the weekend. Marissa went to her 9 month check-up and we found out that she is a healthy, normal 9 month old baby. She is in the 46th percentile for her weight and the 68th percentile for her height. She is a little tall, but right on for her age. Other than Marissa deciding that she only wanted to take 20 minute naps we had a great day.

One Thing Leads to Another
So a few weeks ago, I agreed to take on a Leader Appreciation dinner that Young Life does annually around Christmas for about 20 leaders. At first it was supposed to be a simple progressive dinner where I was calling people asking them to do a portion of the meal at their home. Well, it has turned into much more than that. I started thinking about how the same thing has happened for the last 5 years and that something else needed to be done. My mother and I were talking and decided that we should do a catered dinner at the Young Life Office. Then I kept adding stuff to is how it went: ...we should decorate the office...the leaders should dress semi-formal...I should make invitations...we should do some sort of a program...I'll make the program...we should do a murder mystery should be a "humor mystery dinner"...I'll have to create this "humor mystery" script...there should be some special music...I need to find a good song...I'll put a slide show together to go with the special music...the leaders should get cool gifts...they should get sweatshirts...I'll design the how am I EVER going to do this all myself and in 2 weeks.

This was just a little of how it got way out of hand in a very short time (this thought process happened at like 2am over two nights of sleeplessness). So most of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday were spent putting together the program for the evening, writing a script, finding a special song, and making a slide show of the leaders and their time with kids.

The invitation I made with my cool new scrapbooking program (I also made programs, inserts, and a slide show).

Some Time Away
For the most part of the week, Marissa and I were able to stay in and get laundry done and the house cleaned (oh, and not to mention all the Young Life stuff). On Thursday we were able to get into Salem and get our Christmas Cards printed. It might be a little bit until you see them in the mail, because they have to be re-printed (oh, well)...hopefully they make it out before Christmas. On Friday, Marissa and I got to go to story time again at the library.She is getting more brave each time and ventures off my lap to try and "play" with the older kids. It doesn't take long for her to realize she is not within reach of mom and turns around to come and cuddle (such sweet moments). In the evening, Tara Bennett and I were able to get away from our children and get some stuff done at a MOPS get together. I was able to finish making all my "tags" for my Christmas presents and chat with Tara a little.

Saturday Dan and I spent the day with the Bennetts celebrating Tara's birthday on a wine tour. We were able to take a limo to 5 different wineries. Dan and I found our new favorite type of wine (I don't know that we will ever give up on Riesling) and had a great time with everyone. I am sure there will be pictures of the exciting event (away from Marissa from the entire day, for the first time).

After church on Sunday, we went shopping as a family. Yes, we did venture to church even though there was snow on the ground. If you don't know my husband, this is even more of a reason to go somewhere and "play" in the snow. By the time we left the house the roads were pretty clear. In the evening we went down to the Young Life office for a few (ok, many) hours, to plan the wonderful event for the Young Life Leaders tomorrow night (please let the roads be clear so they can enjoy my hard work). I am excited and can't wait to see how all my planning will turn out.

*Since our week was so routine (except Saturday), we don't have many pictures for you all to look at. I am sure you will see many next week of Monday nights event.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Begining to Look Alot Like Christmas Around the Schacher's

Yay, For Flying Southwest For the Winter
I absolutely love it when the birds fly south for the winter...ok this is not really about the birds, it's about my husband coming home. He officially gets to work from home for the first time in 7 months. He has been working in northern Idaho and eastern Washington with his company (10 out of the 16 months they have been in operation) and finally the work is done over there for the winter. We are not sure what next winter will bring (actually we are never sure what even next month will bring with directional drilling), but are soooo excited to be together each night and sleep in the same bed EVERY night of the week. Dan is more than looking forward to putting his daughter down to bed each night and giving her a kiss on the forehead. He has been gone during the week for 7 of the 8 1/2 months she has been alive and cannot wait to be home with her.

Alright, alright I am sure you can tell how excited we are...I'll stop writing about it.
Christmas Things
Dan and I decided before we traveled to California that we were going to decorate and get our Christmas lights up before we left on vacation. I got the inside decorated last Sunday and Dan was able to put up almost all the lights. He had a slight problem when the roof got slick...a near tumble off the roof (good thing he caught onto the gutters, I always knew there was a reason for them). After the near "falling off the roof" experience we both decided he needed to finish the lights later. Once Dan got HOME on Wednesday night (yes I said "Dan got home" on a Wednesday night) he was able to finish up the lights without breaking anything.

On Sunday, we were able to get our Christmas tree with Ryan and Tara. We headed up to Reinharts Tree Farm and took the normal hour looking for the right tree. Dan ended up cutting down the first tree that he spotted and it looks great in our living room. This year he didn't choose one that took up the entire room, I guess his taste in trees has shrunk. Dan and I always enjoy the Bennett Family of 5 and were glad we could go as a group to find the perfect tree.

Marissa and I walking through the forest of trees.

Dan and Ryan showing off their trees.

Bennett and Schacher clan after picking out their trees.

Look at that sunset in the pickup...and the two greatest things in the world standing next to it.

Winter Means Colds and Flu Bugs
On Tuesday Marissa woke up in a great mood. I would have never known there was anything wrong with her...until I fed her the usual morning bottle. About 5 minutes after eating, everything came right back up. That is when I knew that my plans for the day were about to change. Instead of going to Bible Study Fellowship and then getting together with my group for "Fellowship", I was going to be home all day with a puking little girl. We did many loads of laundry and didn't do too much throughout the day. I must say, Marissa is a pretty good sick baby. Besides the throwing up it would have been hard to tell she was not feeling well...she has such a happy demeanor.

Christmas Shopping
Shopping this year is going to be pretty easy. We get the Schacher family the same thing every year and it has to be ordered online, and so the only thing left is the extended Schmidgall gift exchange. I was able to get almost all my shopping done on Thursday afternoon. I even got Dan's gift...he has no clue what it is I am so excited about...I CAN'T WAIT!

Marissa has started doing a little dance this week. It is so funny...what a character. You can't tell at all who her dad is. She has this little "radio" that we bought for the plane and it plays various alphabet songs. There is this one song called "Annie-oooo" that was playing the other day and Marissa started bobbing up and down while it was playing. I only slightly noticed it but didn't pay much attention. Then while shopping the other day, there was Christmas music playing in the store (as always) and Marissa started doing the same thing. I eventually realized that she was rockin' out to the music. It is so funny because now whenever there is music on the TV or when her toys play music she starts to "dance". Must have been those times when she was younger that Dan and I would turn music up, act like goofballs, and dance around the room. She's only 9 months and has so much character. :)

Marissa dancing to the tunes on her radio.

Tree Lighting
Every year at about this time, Silverton hosts a tree lighting ceremony with hot chocolate and various activities. Dan and I are always driving through (of course the traffic is terrible) and comment on how we would like to actually attend at some point. This year a friend reminded me on Thursday night and so talked Dan into getting off work before 6:30pm. He actually made it home by 5:15 for the first time in a long time and well, like one of my paragraphs before said "Winter means colds and flu bugs", I bet you can guess where he was all night. Poor guy. I ended up bundling up Marissa and I and walking down to the tree lighting to meet a friend. It was pretty crazy down there and almost impossible to find anyone. Marissa loved the lights...mostly just the fire truck lights...and enjoyed watching all the kids. Finally after the tree was lit I found Summer, her husband, and baby boy and we all walked down to the coffee shop. We sat there and talked for a little while (until Marissa got too antsy) and then stopped at the new chocolate shop where they were handing out free samples.

Marissa and I bundled up to go to the tree lighting. It was sure cold.

You can even see the "dust" that Santa sprinkled on the tree in order for it to light.

Once I got home I found a very sick man and acted as his nurse the rest of the night. I tried my hardest, but don't think I would make the best nurse. Dan ended up sleeping most of the Saturday away, but feeling better later in the evening.

Deck the Tree...Finally
We were finally able to decorate our Christmas tree (after having it almost a week), and finish with the lights on Sunday (they have been half up for 2 weeks). Now our tree is decorated with presents under it (only 2 more presents left to buy). I have NEVER shopped this early, but have enjoyed seeing presents under the tree for more than a few days before they are opened. We had a relaxing day on Sunday with Dan still recovering from his sick day on Saturday.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving in Newport Beach, CA

Flying With An 8 Month Old
We figured out long before we left to California that traveling with an infant was going to be quite different from what we were used to (not that we travel much :). First, our baggage more than doubled, and second my carry-on quickly turned into Marissa's diaper bag.

We headed out Monday morning thinking we had it all planned out. We were going to have Marissa nap on the ride to the airport and then again on the plane. Little did we know, she did not want to sleep, but instead wanted to experience her very first plane ride. Even though she did not sleep, Marissa was not too bad. There were times (when we tried to put her to sleep) that she cried a little, but she was mostly into pulling herself up on her fold down tray. We bought some new toys for her hoping they would be exciting and fresh so she would be entertained on the plane. Well we should have just bought boxes of ear plugs because those were the most exciting items on the plane.

Dan finally got to drive his "charger". He drove like a state trooper the entire trip.

After arriving at the home we stayed at (very generous YL committee members in the Newport Beach area), we decided to go out to dinner with Matt and Amie. After dinner, we all had to have some frozen yogurt and drove around the area trying to find Pinkberry.

Marissa relaxing at the Sweeney's.

On Tuesday, we decided to do one touristy thing while down in Southern California. Dan wanted to go to Disneyland, but we realized that with a baby it wasn't really worth the money because we wouldn't be able to go on the rides together. SeaWorld seemed to be the second best thing. Marissa loves animals and there weren't any rides that would require us to split up.

We finally arrived at the amusement park and got Marissa fed before wandering around looking at the penguins, polar bears, walruses, and dolphins. We didn't make it to every show, but did get to see the dolphin show. Matt insisted we sit in the "soak zone" but we didn't end up getting wet at all. By the end of the afternoon we were all ready to find a frozen yogurt shop and head back to the Newport Beach area. After driving around listening to Matt's directions, we found the best yogurt shop around. By the time we got home it was bed time for all of us.

Who should be in this picture? Amie, Marissa and Dan? Matt, Marissa and Dan? How about all four of them?

Marissa had some serious buisness to take care of while we were watching the whales.

Dan and Matt found a section reserved just for them at the Dolphin Show.

Just chillin in a polar bear cave.

Marissa taking care of the "authorized boxes".

Shopping (Just Grocery Shopping)
So the day didn't turn out exactly as we had planned. We thought that maybe we would have some time to go shopping. It didn't really turn out that way. Dan and I decided to get coffee and then go grocery shopping so that we would have the rest of the day free. Well by the time we found a starbucks, Marissa was asleep. We thought that maybe it would be best to drive around and let her have a good nap. Dan and I ended up driving around for almost 2 hours. It was kind of fun just to see different houses in the area and the beach. It was timed almost perfect because once Marissa woke up Amie got off work. We were then able to see Amie's apartment and get groceries as a group :)

Marissa learned how to open cabinets...time to fully baby-proofing our house (when we get home).

Matthew then proceded to inform us that he needed to clean out his appartment this week. Dan and Matt decided to go into LA and load up the rest of his stuff. This took them FOREVER because it was the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving and traffic was terrible. When they finally got back, we all made pizza's. Dan and I were able to hot tub for a little while before getting pretty tired. So, overall I guess you could say the day was successful...we got the groceries we needed to prepare our Thanksgiving meal.

We "Really Are Going To Cook A Meal"
From the moment Dan and I mentioned that we were coming down to LA to visit Matt and Amie over Thanksgiving my mother suggested we should go out to dinner for Thanksgiving. But if anybody knows Dan that is not even an option. He has a blast doing anything...and loves turkey. He started marinating the turkey the night before and then woke up in the morning to make sure that he had enough time to put it in the oven. Amie and I spent our time in the morning preparing appetizers and cleaning up. The Thanksgiving table looked amazing and as Amie said "presentation is everything".

Dan carving the turkey and Matt helping.

According to's all about presentation. What a great looking Thanksgiving table.

What a great Thanksgiving dinner and some great company.

Marissa called the pumpkin pie.

After cleaning up from a delicious dinner, all of us decided to go swimming. Marissa was able to swim for the first time. She enjoyed the 85 degree pool, but eventually got cold. After drying her off, bundling her up, and putting her in the play pen on the porch (that is the nice thing about California weather...she can be outside and not freeze) the four of us were able to have fun in the pool. We played goofy games, the boys hurt each other, and hot tubed. Once we all dried off and got comfortable, we had pumpkin cheesecake (from Cheesecake Factory).

Marissa getting into the pool.

Marissa loved the pool and she loves splashing around.

Amie is known as the "game girl". Therefore it would not be possible to go a week without fitting in some sort of a game. After putting Marissa to bed Matt, Amie, Dan, and played a mean game of "Apples to Apples". I am surprised we are all still together with all the arguing and deceiving that went on during the game. We had such a fun Thanksgiving day with Matthew and Amie.

Our Final Moments Together
Well, after sleeping in (it's not really sleeping in with an 8 month old that wakes up around 8:30am), Dan and I decided we would be as lazy as possible. So, we fed Marissa, cleaned the house we were staying at a little, then went back to sleep when Marissa took her morning nap. Once we all woke up and got showered and dressed, Amie called and said she was off work. We all decided to take Matthew dinner (he was working at his Christmas tree lot) and then go shopping. We ended up shopping at Fashion Island and eating "fro-yo" at Pinkberry. We decided to pass on buying anything at Juicy Couture because it seemed a little less than "high fashion" from Amie's perspective (inside joke).

Visiting Matt at the tree lot he is working at for the month of Dec.

After we made it home and got Marissa fed and in bed, Matt decided to join us for a little while. We all decided to go hot tubbing and had a fabulous time playing "Catalog, Couture, or Runway" (the four of us come up with the craziest things). The night was ended with some pumpkin cheesecake around the table...laughing at Dan writing a note for the Sweeney's and putting in some VERY classified information that Amie would have to explain to her good family friends later.

All in all, this was one of the most relaxing times Dan, Marissa, and I have had in quite some time. Matt and Amie are fun to be around and we had a blast making an amazing meal and spending quality time together.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crazy Week

Relax and Enjoy
After BSF on Tuesday, Grace (she watches Marissa and is just an all around amazing gal) informed me that I could take some time for myself. This was a pleasant surprise and I knew exactly what I was going to Now I am not one who loves fact I don't really like it at all (maybe online shopping), but I needed to find an outfit for Marissa for our Christmas photo shoot on Saturday. After looking everywhere (and getting frustrated), I finally found the cutest dress that was not Christmas cheezy. I got to text a picture to Dan and he gave it the "OK".

Had a bad day
On Thursday, I was anticipating a day home doing laundry and packing for our upcoming vacation to California. It was quickly filled with eye appointments, doctors appointments, and blood draws. Early this week I realized that I didn't have any contact lenses left and would have to go in for a check up. After dropping Marissa off at my moms house, I made it to my appointment to find out that the surface of my eyes are damaged from the contact lenses that I have been wearing and that I have to wear my glasses (yuk) for 2 weeks. On top of that I have to put drops in my eyes 4 times a day and do a special "cleansing routine" to get my tear ducts from not clogging. Wow, guess I should have made this appointment a long time ago. Then I made an appointment for Marissa's ear infection just to double check that everything was clear before we flew down south. Come to find out Marissa still has an infected left ear. Poor girl. Will this ever go away? She has been such a trooper through it all and not too fussy, I am very impressed. After a short conversation with my doctor about some other issues that I have noticed with Marissa, she suggested we go draw blood to test a few different things (unrelated to her ear problems). So on top of an ear infection, this poor child had to have a lady poke her in the arm and draw blood. Needless to say she had a LONG nap in the afternoon. After all that craziness...we did get some laundry done and a little bit of packing. What a day!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

So Much Fun

...and There Was Another
On Sunday morning we welcomed a new cousin into the Ivan Schmidgall family. Toran, Lucas, and Aiden now have a little baby girl to love. Her name is Gracie Joy-Favber Schmidgall. Marissa and Gracie have more than just gender in common...their middle names are the same. Dan, Annie, and Marissa were able to visit them on Sunday after church before Dan drove back to Spokane. She is a beautiful little girl with a head full of hair (Marissa was very jealous). Toran and Annie are already talking about how much fun they are going to have since they are only 8 months apart. Christmas this year with the immediate family grew by two in just a year.

Oh, I Like Her
Monday is cleaning day around the Schacher household. Marissa and Annie spent most of the day cleaning the house. Late afternoon, Annie went to a ladies house that does Creative Memories and heard all about digital scrapbooking. She was so excited and started right away when she got home (and of course after she played with, fed, and put Marissa to bed). The consultant is such a great gal and both Annie and Marissa left enjoying their time.

As soon as they got home (after taking dinner to the YL leaders, looking for a new saftey gate, and not finding one) they were greeted by Aunt Michelle. The girls had their weekly dinner...humus and pretzels and watched The Hills. In between Annie convinced Aunt Michelle to help her put Marissa's new walker together. Needless to say with three girls (Annie, Marissa, and Michelle) it took quite a bit of time. Marissa mentioned after Aunt Michelle left just how much she appreciated her efforts and how much she likes her Aunt Michelle.

Aunt Michelle putting together Marissa's walker.

Aunt Michelle finally figured it out...I don't think Annie would have been able to do it alone.

Run, Run, Run.
Tuesday morning Marissa was able to spend some time with her good friend Grace while Annie went to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). Annie is learning so much about God's leading and as a couple Dan and Annie have been able to apply all the insights to their lives at this point. They feel so blessed and are content knowing that God has them where they are right now to continue to teach and prepare them for their next mission in life. They daily talk about all the Lord is teaching them and where He might be leading.

After BSF, Annie and Marissa were able to run a TON of errands. They returned many borrowed items to people, got some of the house screens re-screened, got a new saftey gate for the top of the stairs (Dan broke the old one this weekend :), and were even able to make it to the hospital to see Gracie and Toran. Marissa enjoyed dinner at the hospital (ok, maybe she didn't do so well with Annie feeding her there). It was a fun, productive, busy day. Needless to say Marissa was very tired at the end of the day.

Yea For Fun Cameras and Cute Hats!
Marrissa and Annie had a great time on Wednesday morning just trying on new hats (from Forever Little and Bella Jade) and taking fun pictures. What a wonderful morning with mother and daughter.
Wednesday evening Annie made chicken stir-fry and had the Senior girls to her house. It was a smaller group since there were a few that were sick and some just started basketball practice. Annie and Marissa can't wait to go to girls basketball games to watch Sasha and Tessa this year.

Up For An Adventure
Marissa and Annie needed to get out of the house after spending most of the day in on Wednesday, watching the rain and wind (poor Dan who has to work in that rain and wind). So, after contemplating various ideas they realize they couldn't do anything too big...because Marissa had a follow up doctors appointment. Annie was going to cancel it but had a hunch that it might be good idea to go. Well, come to find out Marissa had another ear infection in her left ear. After sitting at the doctors office for an hour and a half, then waiting for her new prescription for a half hour...Marissa was VERY tired. Once Marissa woke up from her nap the two of them needed to get out of the house. So they called their friends, Logan, Mason, Mya, and Tara. Marissa, Mason, and Maya (Triple M Threat) had a great time together. Marissa loved trying all the pacifiers that were around and playing with all the "new" toys. Tara and Annie got to catch up and chase the kids.

Story-time And Lunch
Last Friday, Annie and Marissa went to story time at the Silverton Library and had a great time. So they decided to take a trip there again this week. Marissa had a few friends there this week that were closer to her age and not running around. Afterward, Annie and Marissa went to lunch with an old friend, Summer. They had a great time talking and took their converstation to Annie's home so that Marissa could take a little nap (alright...she slept almost 4 hours...starting to feel better from the antibiotics). Summer and Annie caugth up and enjoyed each others company.

Dan was able to come home before midnight, but not in time for the 3 of them to make it to a wedding (thanks to accidents on the freeway). The family was able to go and visit their best friends Ryan and Tara and spent the evening chatting and eating Pad Thai...just like old times.