Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pet Parade

*From: May 15th*
In May every year Silverton has a great, little pet parade. It is the cutest thing to watch all the children, with their parents, walk through town showing off their animals. One day I am sure I will be watching Dan, Marissa, and Spencer walking with Rogue.

Dan, Marissa, and Rogue watching the parade as it begins.

Marissa loved collecting the candy, but also feeding Rogue the dog treats that were thrown out.

Spencer...taking it all in.

Marissa Turned 2

*From: March 6th*
This year I decided to make Marissa's birthday a little more low key than last year (I am not sure I can pull off mulitple "crazy" parties in a year...and Spencer's 1st is coming up). We had a gathering at Home Place with pizza and cupcakes. I decided to do the plates and decorations in a luau theme (I wonder where that idea came from...Hawaii). We all had a great time celebrating my beautiful little girl.

Dan insisted on taking Marissa to Chuck-E-Cheese on her birthday. He did the same thing last year.

Marissa eating a cupcake at Home Place.

Singing happy birthday to my 2 year old.

Marissa with her aunt "A".

Dan got Marissa a seed starter kit for our garden. Marissa had so much fun watching Dan plant. She wouldn't touch anything because it was "dirty".

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Airplanes and Amie

*From: March 4th-8th*
At the begining of March Amie (my soon to be sister-in-law, good friend, old soccer player, and old Young Life girl) came up from California to do some wedding planning. Marissa and I were able to go pick her up from the airport. We went early, sat at the cell phone waiting area and watched the planes fly in and out. Marissa loved it. Once Amie was here we did some major invitation planning and had a "invitation making party" at my house. Here are some great pictures.

Watching for planes and loving it.

Invitation making party at my house.

More invitations.

Heavenly Hawaii

*From: February 21st-28th*
Photo Diary of our Hawaiian Vacation
For the first time since our wedding 6 1/2 years ago Dan and I were able to go on a vacation (other than work or the beach with my family). My mom, sister, and Dan's dad graciously watched our 2 beautiful children. We went with our good friends Ryan and Tara Bennett. Here is a glimpse into our week of "wonderful".

Picture out of our hotel.

Dan and I at our Luau.

Photo session before the Luau.

Dan and I on a whale watching and dinner tour.

Dan's favorite activity: renting mopeds.

After our late night walk on the beautiful Hawaiian beach.

Waren and Annabelle's Magic show. Dan and I were his "helpers".

Tara and I went on a submarine.

Ryan and Dan rented mopeds and treked around the island.

Hang Loose.

Last day in Hawaii. Filling up for gas. Tsunami warning.

Guys playing hacky-sack, while wating for the pseudo-tsunami.

Lovely Valentines Day

*From: February 14th*
Yep...this post is all the way from Valentines Day.

My beautiful bouquet, teddy bear, balloon, and chocolates.

Dan and I decided not to do anything for Valentines day this year, because we were leaving for a vacation a week after. Well, my hubsband can't control himself. He came home after going to his equipment "yard" with flowers, a teddy bear, a singing ballon, a new coffee mug, and chocolates for me. For Marissa he brought home a bunch of balloons, a stuffed animal, a pink flower, and a hot cocoa cup. He is so thoughtful. Thanks babe (almost 3 1/2 months later).

Zoo in Beautiful January

*From: January 27th*
Towards the end of January my mom, Aiden (my nephew), Marissa, Spencer, and I headed to the zoo for a beautiful day. It was a little chilly, but so nice. We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed all the animals. I just love watching my mom with her grandchildren. Here are some pictures:

Grandma watching the polar bears with Marissa and Aiden

Aiden and Marissa chillin in the boat.

My sweet Marissa girl.

Long day...Aiden and Marissa were tired.

Where Have We Gone

Well, after glancing over my blog I realized that I have been quite absent in the "blorld" (blog-world) for quite sometime. I enjoy writing about the ups and downs of my life, but realized a little while ago that there were very important things that I could not fit into my life if I spent time keeping up on my "web-life". Gradually, blogging, facebooking, and checking emails have taken a backseat to my beautiful children, studying the amazing Word of God, keeping up my household, taking care of the greatest husband in the world, and finding outlets for myself. I do enjoy documenting the ins and outs of our little Schacher life and it has even been more than useful in remembering significant milestones in my children's developemental progress. So, needless to say I hope to continue, just not sure how routine blogging will be in my life. For those of you that enjoy keeping up with our family of four (the few of you out there) are some short updates from the last 4 months of our lives.