Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where Have We Gone

Well, after glancing over my blog I realized that I have been quite absent in the "blorld" (blog-world) for quite sometime. I enjoy writing about the ups and downs of my life, but realized a little while ago that there were very important things that I could not fit into my life if I spent time keeping up on my "web-life". Gradually, blogging, facebooking, and checking emails have taken a backseat to my beautiful children, studying the amazing Word of God, keeping up my household, taking care of the greatest husband in the world, and finding outlets for myself. I do enjoy documenting the ins and outs of our little Schacher life and it has even been more than useful in remembering significant milestones in my children's developemental progress. So, needless to say I hope to continue, just not sure how routine blogging will be in my life. For those of you that enjoy keeping up with our family of four (the few of you out there) are some short updates from the last 4 months of our lives.

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