Friday, July 31, 2009

Stuck in Backwards

Why is it that in the past year, the times I stop to evaluate my Spiritual life, I find I am stuck in reverse. Goals, plans, books, anything that I try just doesn't seem to put me in forward motion with the Lord. When I was constantly in ministry with Young Life (and I mean we put any extra part of our lives in this ministry), I felt like the Lord was constantly stretching me to grow and move forward. I was almost forced to seek and search for Him through situations He would put in front of me. I was convicted to hold myself accountable to teach the gals I was ministering to anything I knew about Jesus.

Now this next phase of my life has not been so easy. Granted there weren't easy things about doing "part-time" ministry (plus a full time job), but it just seems that when I am not forced to grow I get stuck moving away. I know that God has me at this point in my life for a reason. Maybe (not maybe...I am sure), He wants me to grow with Him on my own, to make that choice to decide to be with Him instead of a shower, me time, a nap, organizing parts of the house, shopping to finish Spencer's room, etc. I know that He wants my time, I have "preached" this to my Young Life girls...why is it so hard when it isn't demanded of you? Maybe because He wants me to choose Him again.

As Dan and I were driving back from Chicago, I learned that my husband is a very contemplative guy. He has so much driving time on his hands with his business (checking on crews, driving up to control situations, etc) that he has learned how to really listen to songs and books on audio. I have always listened and loved music, but rarely took the time to make it sink in and use it as more than worship but life changing words (it is such a difference, not just listening, but contemplating how these worship words might change your life). We were listening to his new favorite album and I came across this song:

Woah oh take every part of me
Woah oh cause you got everything I need

Now Lord I aint gotta whole lot to give
But what I have it's all yours in every single bit
Cuz you're the source of my peace the reason that I live
You're what I'm living for and what I mean to say is this
Take my life right down to every little thing
It aint much but right in now every thing I bring
I give it all to you cuz I've found just when I think
About all you do I'll follow you in everything
I call on you man you always do just what you said
You make me new and take me through to a place of rest
And when these stressed out thoughts be running through my head
You just remind me how far I've come and where I been
And as I thinking about every single thing you did
And looking back upon where I was when I's a kid
All I can say is take every thing I gots to give
It's all yours Lord and all I say is this

Woah oh take every part of me
Woah oh cause you got everything I need

Now Lord I've held back in my past
Held onto certain things I didn't want you to have
Tried to do it my own way and then watched it crash
Tried to make it through my day but never tried to ask
Where I'm supposed to go what I'm supposed to do
But yet you still right there just to bring me through
But now I've figured out exactly what I'm gonna do
This time around I won't hold a thing back from you
From big to small I put it all now in your hands
Cause when I fall you pick me up time and time again
You dust me off and tell me just to try again
I know everything you got purpose and a plan
So what I bring to you it's everything that I've had
I want to give to you everything that I can
I want to live for you cuz I finally understand
All I need to do is finally give you everything

Woah oh take every part of me
Woah oh cause you got everything I need

*KJ-52, Take Every Part of Me

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friends Through the Years

Birthday Party
Terese Lampa planned a great little get together for Matt's 28th birthday last Saturday. Nan and Grace Parson are here visiting from Mexico. It was great catching up with everyone and comparing mom stories with the girls. It is pretty cool to think that these 4 guys have been friends since high school (Dan and Aaron since elementary school) and to see them encourage eachother Spiritually and raise families together. All of our children will be in the same grade, just like we were. How fun is that?

Solomon Parson, Grace Parson, Aaron Roth, Audrey Roth, Ginny Roth, Noah Lampa, Matt Lampa, Nan Parson, Marissa, Dan and I.

County Fair

Last Thursday, Marissa and I headed out, just the two of us to go to the County Fair in Salem. As I drove by the Young Life office (where my mom volunteers), I figured I better stop by and say hello. Once we told grandma our plans, there was no stopping her from coming with us. On our drive to Salem, Dan called to check in with us for the afternoon and I told him we were headed to the fair. At that point he decided to take an hour or so to have lunch with us and take Marissa to see some of the animals.

So, needless to say we all had a great time (Dan for just a little bit), looking at the animals and eating lunch. Marissa learned the sound a sheep makes and couldn't stop "baaing" the entire afternoon.

Feeding some of the animals.

Dan is sure instilling his love for animals in Marissa. She gets so excited to see any type of animal.

Checking out the Miniature Horse.

Grandma feeding Marissa nacho's. That's what grandma's are for, right???

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Phone Picture Update

Camera Phone Catch Up
Every time I forget our camera, it seems that my phone is the "back-up". However, I always forget to download the pictures onto my computer. Recently I did and here are the fun memories that I found.

On Mother's Day weekend, in Redmond, at Black Bear Dinner. Marissa loved the big bear.

Memorial Day weekend, after Gracie was dedicated at church, we went to Lucas and Toran's for dinner. First stop was Safeway for some last minute dinner items. Aiden and Marissa had a great time together in the "cart".

Marissa waiting patiently at Diagnostic Imaging to see a 3-D image of Spencer. Unfortunately Spencer didn't take his hands away from his face the entire time. We did however get a 3D picture proving that it was a boy.

After a long Saturday of Dan and Marissa working in the yard, Dan decided we needed to take a walk down to the park. Needless to say it ended up with Marissa and Dan "creek walking". Yes Dan went in with his clothes on...what a goof.

Since Dan had July 3rd off (we didn't even get more than 2 or 3 company phone calls on his "day off"), we decided to go up to Babies R' Us to get Spencer's Crib. We had Holly (a great high school gal) babysit Marissa and had the afternoon to ourself. It quickly turned into "grabbing pavers an hour out of the way" for the backyard and then going to Babies R' Us. We didn't have much spare time, but were able to stop at Fudruckers. It was Dan's first experience there and boy did he get more than he could handle.

Dan only ate 1/4 of the actual burger. He didn't expect it to be that big...I even warned him.

Potlucks, Potlucks, Potlucks

Over the weekend of the 4th, Dan and I had 4 potlucks in 48 hours. Yeah, that is a potluck every 12 hours (not counting the time spent at each potluck). Needless to say it was VERY tiring for me and Marissa. However, we did have a great time getting to know new people and fellowship with old friends and family. I didn't take my camera with me to any potluck (in fact, I forgot almost everything each timme...including PJ's and extra clothes for Marissa). Each time Dan would say "really, you didn't remember?", and I would respond with "pregnant and a BAD memory".

Our first potluck was over at the Roth's home (Aaron Roth's parents), celebrating Aaron's 28th birthday. It was a blast seeing old high school friends and all of our children playing together. It is so fun to think that they will also all be in the same grade. The boys enjoyed a traditional volleyball game (Dan LIVES for these games :), while the girls sat around and talked.

I was able to steal some pictures from Terese's facebook page (thanks Terese).

Marissa, Noah Lampa, and Audrey Roth

Marissa and Noah Lampa.

Our second potluck of the weekend was a Neighborhood potluck. Every year on the 4th our street does a BBQ/Potluck, however we just haven't been around. On our 5th year here we were determined to join in on this fun. It was great sitting around chatting with people that we see drive by everyday.

Halfway through the potluck maddness...

On Sunday, our church hosted a potluck at the Silverton Park. It was right after the second service and Dan and I really wanted to go, despite the fact that it was going to be right during Marissa's naptime. After packing up all our stuff and strolling Marissa over, we realized we weren't going to be able to stay for very long. We had a great talk with Julie Roth (Aaron's mother), ate some lunch, and then it was time to venture home. Unfortunately I have a feeling afternoon potlucks won't go so well for a few more years.

The finaly potluck of the weekend was a family BBQ/Potluck at Aunt Bev and Marilyns house for Heather Ann's birthday. We had a great time and were able to catch up with some family members that we haven't seen for a while. The majority of the "cousins" are in the "process" of having kids and raising families. It was so fun to watch all our kids play together just like we had more than 20 years ago. What a great family we have. I appreciate our get togethers more and more each time. Hopefully I will be able to steal some pictures of the "2nd cousins group photo" from Stacy Schmidgall (Brandon's wife) pretty soon to post.

Here are some pictures I got from my phone...

Dan and Marissa checking out Aunt Bev and Marilyns new dog.

Marissa loved the lawn mower. Her and Aiden did a great job sharing. I was VERY impressed with both of them.

My mom with her 2 oldest grandkids on the porch swing.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Fun Times with Animals
Last Thursday we finally made it to the zoo. Dan took 1/2 the day off, and we headed up to Portland right before Marissa's first nap, hoping she would sleep in the car. Boy were we WRONG...she didn't sleep at all. I guess the excitement of daddy being in the car kept her up. She was quite the trooper throughout the day though, lasting longer than me :). It was a pretty hot day (in the mid-90's), but that wasn't going to stop us. Marissa had a great time looking at all the animals. She especially loved the water exhibits, where she could see the animals that were at her level. After seeing the fish, she continued to make her "fish face" all day long. It was too cute. We had such a great time and Dan was so glad he was able to take Marissa to the zoo for the first time (now I can go without him :).

Marissa LOVED the exhibits with water animals.

We stopped for a lunch break and Marissa ate an entire piece of pizza.

A quick family picture.

Marissa was looking at the fish, making her "fish face". I was getting tired.

The CUTEST picture of daddy and daughter.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer Time

Summer Happenings
This is pretty much what our weekends have consisted of lately...Dan working in the yard, Marissa playing in the dirt, then BBQing corn on the cob and chicken or steak. We are so close to having our landscaping done! Yeah! Three (or more) year project...almost complete. I am so proud of Dan for working so hard on his days off to complete this project. He is such a hard working husband (sometimes I feel bad for him...he works like crazy at work and then has to come home and work some more).

Marissa loved corn on the cob.

Playing in the dirt after dad just spread it...and enjoying throwing it all over Rogue.