Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Potlucks, Potlucks, Potlucks

Over the weekend of the 4th, Dan and I had 4 potlucks in 48 hours. Yeah, that is a potluck every 12 hours (not counting the time spent at each potluck). Needless to say it was VERY tiring for me and Marissa. However, we did have a great time getting to know new people and fellowship with old friends and family. I didn't take my camera with me to any potluck (in fact, I forgot almost everything each timme...including PJ's and extra clothes for Marissa). Each time Dan would say "really, you didn't remember?", and I would respond with "pregnant and a BAD memory".

Our first potluck was over at the Roth's home (Aaron Roth's parents), celebrating Aaron's 28th birthday. It was a blast seeing old high school friends and all of our children playing together. It is so fun to think that they will also all be in the same grade. The boys enjoyed a traditional volleyball game (Dan LIVES for these games :), while the girls sat around and talked.

I was able to steal some pictures from Terese's facebook page (thanks Terese).

Marissa, Noah Lampa, and Audrey Roth

Marissa and Noah Lampa.

Our second potluck of the weekend was a Neighborhood potluck. Every year on the 4th our street does a BBQ/Potluck, however we just haven't been around. On our 5th year here we were determined to join in on this fun. It was great sitting around chatting with people that we see drive by everyday.

Halfway through the potluck maddness...

On Sunday, our church hosted a potluck at the Silverton Park. It was right after the second service and Dan and I really wanted to go, despite the fact that it was going to be right during Marissa's naptime. After packing up all our stuff and strolling Marissa over, we realized we weren't going to be able to stay for very long. We had a great talk with Julie Roth (Aaron's mother), ate some lunch, and then it was time to venture home. Unfortunately I have a feeling afternoon potlucks won't go so well for a few more years.

The finaly potluck of the weekend was a family BBQ/Potluck at Aunt Bev and Marilyns house for Heather Ann's birthday. We had a great time and were able to catch up with some family members that we haven't seen for a while. The majority of the "cousins" are in the "process" of having kids and raising families. It was so fun to watch all our kids play together just like we had more than 20 years ago. What a great family we have. I appreciate our get togethers more and more each time. Hopefully I will be able to steal some pictures of the "2nd cousins group photo" from Stacy Schmidgall (Brandon's wife) pretty soon to post.

Here are some pictures I got from my phone...

Dan and Marissa checking out Aunt Bev and Marilyns new dog.

Marissa loved the lawn mower. Her and Aiden did a great job sharing. I was VERY impressed with both of them.

My mom with her 2 oldest grandkids on the porch swing.

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