This is ME...

So, if you don't know me, here is a little chance to read a few little facts about me. Here it goes:

I cry when watching sad stories on TV...even the life stories on American Idol. 

I REALLY, REALLY like my sleep. Naps, bedtime, sleeping in (not that it ever happens with kids anymore), any type of sleep.

I really do enjoy working out, but CAN'T stand just jogging, so I have to mix it up when I do work out...take a class, go on a hike, etc.

I would rather mop, vacuum, dust, or do any other house chores over laundry or dishes.

I really enjoy decorating my house, to the point where I sometimes window shop obsessively for home stuff.

My sister and I were totally opposite in high school and didn't really like each other. Now we are good friends. Good thing we got over that. 

I was called "Little Orphan Annie" when I was younger because I had really curly hair and my nickname was "Annie".

I grew up on a farm, picking blackberries and pulling weeds most of my life...I now despise eating blackberries and people think I am crazy because of it.

I was on the "B" team my freshman year playing basketball and was the only player in Silverton High history to work their way from the "B" team to took 3 years (at least that is what the coach told me...maybe it was just to make me feel better, or maybe that was the only year there was a "B" team...possibly not that big of an accomplishment :0).

I can do my hair either straight or curly and for that reason I was voted "Best Hair" senior year in high school.

I don't really like shopping for myself, but LOVE to shop for my little girl. I didn't know that I was such a shopper at heart.

I only went to 2 dances in high school without Dan, my husband (not at the time...he was only my boyfriend in high school :) We got to share both Prom's together.

When Dan and I first got together, junior year, everyone thought that we wouldn't make it. So, we would sing to the song "Look At Us Now" by Serena Paris at the top of our lungs, just to let the world know that we proved them wrong. (I only think we were together for 6 months when we did this).

I used to get embarrassed around Dan, but now I am used to his weird ways.

Dan and I could lay in bed all day and just watch movies and take naps. (He also likes his sleep).

From the moment we got back together, Dan and I have had a "hunch" that the Lord is going to use us in big ways. Not sure where, how, or when...He could be doing it now.

All I wanted to do growing up was be a mom. Now I get to do just that :)

I don't like to do things "just because other people are doing them", but then sometimes I feel left out...not all the time though.

I enjoy having deep spiritual conversations. The kind where you walk away feeling like you may have disagreed but you have a greater understanding of Christ because of the time you spent conversing.

I have never really felt at "home" going to any church we have attended. I believe that the ultimate church should be lived out just as Paul described it in Acts.

I passionately desire to feel just an ounce of compassion that Jesus felt toward people.

The 10 years of my life that I was a leader in WyldLife and Young Life were the best and most purposeful 10 years of my life. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Made some great friends and saw some amazing "God moments". Powerful!