Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Beach Adventure

Bedtime, Breakfast, Birds, the Beach, and the Bennetts
Last Sunday after church, we decided to head on over to the beach with our good friends the Bennetts. When we were "child-less", the four of us took this trip frequently. Now that we have 4 children and 1 on the way, we tend to think twice. After arriving, eating dinner, setting up the kids beds, and actually getting them to bed, we had a little time to enjoy the evening . The next day, Tara and I were able to go shopping while the boys watched the kids. After getting packed and cleaned up we all went to the beach. Dan of course had to have his 5 loaves of bread to feed the Seagulls (he would have had 10 loaves if I would have let him). Marissa enjoyed the bread and the Seagulls just not in the same way as Dan. She loved chasing the Seagulls and eating the bread herself. I guess that is pretty close to feeding the Seagulls, right?

Schacher family beach photo (Marissa was SO done with the beach and ready for a nap).

All she wanted to do was chase the birds and eat the bread...not take pictures with mom :).

Marissa taking after her dad and chasing the Seagulls, not to give them bread though.

Logan, Marissa, and Mason playing on the beach (Mya was NOT having the sand).

Bennett/Schacher Clan

Pet Parade

Perfect Day for a Parade and Ice-Cream
Every year Dan and I drive through Silverton right about the time the Pet Parade is going on. We always comment on how we are "definitely going next year". Well, this was the year we actually went. We met Tara and the kids downtown and geared up to watch the parade. Marissa loved watching all the animals go by and would have chosen to be in the parade herself. It is fun watching all the kids walk through town with their pets. I am sure one day Dan, Marissa, and Rogue will be marching through town.

Marissa just wanted to be in the parade. Dan had to chase her down a few times.

After the parade, Tara, Dan, Logan, and I decided to walk to the local ice-cream shop to enjoy a scoop. It was the perfect afternoon and we figured the kids could handle a walk. We had a great time and always enjoy our time with the Bennett family.

The little ones after the parade and ice-cream...they were VERY tired.

Young Life Auction

Indiana Jan...I mean Dan
Every Spring Young Life puts on a dessert and auction. This was the first year that I was not helping out during the auction and got to enjoy my husbands humorous, evening entertainment. He has always put together some sort of a skit with the Young Life kids and been the auctioneer for the evening. This year he was only supposed to auctioneer, but ended up doing the skit also (and LOVING it)! He is such a ham when he gets a microphone or is in front of a crowd...a natural. Here is a picture of "Indiana Dan".

Monday, May 25, 2009

BBQ Turned Photo Shoot

Family BBQ & Photo Shoot with Uncle Matt
My brother Matt flew back from California (where he is "trying" to make it as a producer/camera operator) to film my cousins wedding. Before he left, our family had a BBQ in order to spend some time with him and just to enjoy each other's company. The kids had a great time swinging, riding their "tractors", and being pulled in the wagon by Grandma and Aunt Michelle.

Aiden and Marissa ready to go on a wagon ride with Aunt Michelle.

As soon as I brought out my camera to take some pictures, Matt insisted that he knew better than anyone how to take "professional" photos. After letting him carry the camera around for a while, I finally figured that he may have known what he was doing and actually did happen to snap a great shot or two (also to his defense, Marissa did not really want to cooperate, but there were some creative shots). Dan and Matt had a good time following the kids around to get those "great shots".

One of the pic's that Uncle Matt snapped.

Family Wedding

Chris and Shannon's Wedding
Mid-April we had a "Schmidgall Family Wedding", with my cousin Shannon getting married to one of Dan's old Young Life kids. On Thursday I made 3 double pans of potato casserole for the Rehersal dinner, on Friday Marissa and I were able to help set up the reception hall for a few hours, and then Dan ushered at the wedding on Saturday. It is always fun to see family and friends that show up to major events. We had a great time at the reception enjoying family and watching kids (oh, how life is different). Dan loves entertaining the children and always enjoys dancing. Here are some pictures that I was able to snap throughout the evening.

Dan and Marissa enjoying the Chocolate Fountain.

Dan dancing with the kids...he just doesn't stop.

Daddy and Daughter dancing.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Boy Schacher

We found out Tuesday that we are having a little BOY in September! Dan had the name Spencer Timothy picked out since he was in the second grade...so that is what we're going with. We can't wait to welcome you home, Spencer Timothy!

Monday, May 4, 2009

What God Expects?

Those of you that know me, know that I am a passionate person. God has given me the desire to change lives and reach others for Him. I am constantly going to the Lord for discernment on what that means exactly. What exactly is church supposed to do? Where does God want me to lead? Where does He have me going? I never want to be satisfied with where I am (don't take that wrong, I want to be satisfied knowing I am in God's Will). This last week a good friend said it best...God expects more out of us than we expect out of ourselves. Are we constantly searching out what the Creator of Our Being expects of what He gave us? Are we taking each of the truths that He teaches us and putting it into practice?

I was also struck this Sunday by the report of a mission team that just got back from Honduras. I was moved as I sat there thinking of all the people that had come to know Christ just by the faithful following of those 10-15 people, one man in particular stuck out. He had stayed down an additional week to continue to minister to the people that had been touched by the festival. I was overwhelmed at the dedication and commitment that this man has given to God's expectations for his life. As I walked out of church I wondered...now what am I going to do about this? God just gave me a piece of His heart. I didn't want to leave church and wonder where I was going to go to lunch, or what I was going to do later that day. He gave me that piece of His heart and EXPECTS me to make something of it. Just think of what every Christian's life would be like if they applied each piece of truth in a practical, non-judgmental, Christ-expecting way!

God is challenging me, and maybe you to take the bits of His, our Creator's, heart and simply apply it...ask "what does He REALLY expect of me after giving this little bit of information?"