Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Beach Adventure

Bedtime, Breakfast, Birds, the Beach, and the Bennetts
Last Sunday after church, we decided to head on over to the beach with our good friends the Bennetts. When we were "child-less", the four of us took this trip frequently. Now that we have 4 children and 1 on the way, we tend to think twice. After arriving, eating dinner, setting up the kids beds, and actually getting them to bed, we had a little time to enjoy the evening . The next day, Tara and I were able to go shopping while the boys watched the kids. After getting packed and cleaned up we all went to the beach. Dan of course had to have his 5 loaves of bread to feed the Seagulls (he would have had 10 loaves if I would have let him). Marissa enjoyed the bread and the Seagulls just not in the same way as Dan. She loved chasing the Seagulls and eating the bread herself. I guess that is pretty close to feeding the Seagulls, right?

Schacher family beach photo (Marissa was SO done with the beach and ready for a nap).

All she wanted to do was chase the birds and eat the bread...not take pictures with mom :).

Marissa taking after her dad and chasing the Seagulls, not to give them bread though.

Logan, Marissa, and Mason playing on the beach (Mya was NOT having the sand).

Bennett/Schacher Clan


  1. I want to find a copy of that same picture 5 years ago. Man how times have changed...and we have grown in number. What a blessing you both are! We love the Gecker's !

  2. What a fun day!! Good for you guys for continueing to make it a tradition, even when it would be a heck of a lot easier not to! What fun memories :)