Monday, May 25, 2009

Family Wedding

Chris and Shannon's Wedding
Mid-April we had a "Schmidgall Family Wedding", with my cousin Shannon getting married to one of Dan's old Young Life kids. On Thursday I made 3 double pans of potato casserole for the Rehersal dinner, on Friday Marissa and I were able to help set up the reception hall for a few hours, and then Dan ushered at the wedding on Saturday. It is always fun to see family and friends that show up to major events. We had a great time at the reception enjoying family and watching kids (oh, how life is different). Dan loves entertaining the children and always enjoys dancing. Here are some pictures that I was able to snap throughout the evening.

Dan and Marissa enjoying the Chocolate Fountain.

Dan dancing with the kids...he just doesn't stop.

Daddy and Daughter dancing.

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