Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pet Parade

Perfect Day for a Parade and Ice-Cream
Every year Dan and I drive through Silverton right about the time the Pet Parade is going on. We always comment on how we are "definitely going next year". Well, this was the year we actually went. We met Tara and the kids downtown and geared up to watch the parade. Marissa loved watching all the animals go by and would have chosen to be in the parade herself. It is fun watching all the kids walk through town with their pets. I am sure one day Dan, Marissa, and Rogue will be marching through town.

Marissa just wanted to be in the parade. Dan had to chase her down a few times.

After the parade, Tara, Dan, Logan, and I decided to walk to the local ice-cream shop to enjoy a scoop. It was the perfect afternoon and we figured the kids could handle a walk. We had a great time and always enjoy our time with the Bennett family.

The little ones after the parade and ice-cream...they were VERY tired.

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