Monday, May 25, 2009

BBQ Turned Photo Shoot

Family BBQ & Photo Shoot with Uncle Matt
My brother Matt flew back from California (where he is "trying" to make it as a producer/camera operator) to film my cousins wedding. Before he left, our family had a BBQ in order to spend some time with him and just to enjoy each other's company. The kids had a great time swinging, riding their "tractors", and being pulled in the wagon by Grandma and Aunt Michelle.

Aiden and Marissa ready to go on a wagon ride with Aunt Michelle.

As soon as I brought out my camera to take some pictures, Matt insisted that he knew better than anyone how to take "professional" photos. After letting him carry the camera around for a while, I finally figured that he may have known what he was doing and actually did happen to snap a great shot or two (also to his defense, Marissa did not really want to cooperate, but there were some creative shots). Dan and Matt had a good time following the kids around to get those "great shots".

One of the pic's that Uncle Matt snapped.

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