Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings, and More

5 Weddings, 4 Wedding Showers, 2 Friends Having Babies, 1-1st Birthday...All in 8 Weekends

So, this was a picture of our August and September (minus us having Spencer 4 weeks early). I had tried to do the best I could to prepare in advance with all the presents and RSVP's required for these events, but was thrown off when Spencer arrived at the beginning of all this craziness. We ended up missing a wedding, 3 showers, and the 1st birthday party because of his arrival (and the fact that he had to be under a light blanket at home for a few days). Once we got in the groove of all of it, we had a blast and were able to show off our new addition. There was lots of dancing, laughing, and family time involved. Here are just a few pictures.

Marissa enjoying a glass of water at Brad and Stacey's wedding.

Marissa and Dan dancing at Tony and Kelley's wedding.

Marissa made a friend at Tony and Kelley's wedding. Ella helped Marissa all evening.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mother-Father-Daughter Bonding Time

Fun at the State Fair-Just the Three of Us
After we had Spencer, toward the end of August, Marissa, Dan, and I went to the fair and were able to spend some quality time together. My mom and dad (along with Matt and Derek) watched Spencer and we were able to enjoy the animals, food, ice-cream, and booths with Marissa. She LOVES the animals and went crazy when she saw the cows. It was a good time and reminded us that we love Marissa so much...if not more now that Spencer has joined our family. What a special girl she is!!!!

What would a trip to the fair be like without stopping by "Oregon Dairy Women's" booth for some ice-cream.

Marissa got so excited to see the cows. She pretty much yelled "cow" everywhere we went.

Mother of Two

I LOVE having 2 children (even though it has only been 3 1/2 weeks). It is definitely different, esspecially with an 18 month old that has started exploring and becoming more independant. I have said that it is more like a job with 2, where with one child it was like I had a little "buddy" tagging along with me (don't get me wrong it is still ALOT of work, it was more mentally challenging for me).

I hope and pray that I will be the best mom to both Spencer and Marissa as they grow up and explore life together. I pray that they realize that I love them both equally, but each in their own special way. I pray that I will be patient and loving while disciplining and teaching them to be respectful and loving to others. I pray that they will grow up knowing that their mom and dad desire them to know Jesus and live their lives for Him.

Since we had Spencer, I haven't been able to spend much quality time with Marissa. I desire and hope that she feels like she is still special to us. I have grown to love my little girl even more than I could have imagined the day she was born. Now this doesn't mean I don't love Spencer just as much, I have just realized how much Marissa has grown and how much I don't want her to get any bigger. I LOVE her little laugh, dimpled smile, quirky attitude, courage to try anything, caution to be careful trying anything, love for cleaning, dancing, animals, people, her brother, and the way she cuddles before bedtime (I could go on and on and on). We have such a great time together...she is such a unique, loving, crazy, funny little girl. I LOVE YOU MARISSA JOY!!!

Announcing Spencer

Here is the birth announcement I made for Spencer Timothy...enjoy!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Photo Session

Family Action Shot.

Spencer Timothy Schacher. This captures his true nature...chill.

Marissa LOVES her daddy.

What a sweet baby boy.

Marissa is a good big sister to Spencer. She LOVES giving him kisses. It quickly became a MUST to her nightly routine.

Kisses for Daddy.

Marissa looking adoringly at her younger brother.

What a sweet baby boy.

Precious look.

Little toes, littler toes.