Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Phone Picture Update

Camera Phone Catch Up
Every time I forget our camera, it seems that my phone is the "back-up". However, I always forget to download the pictures onto my computer. Recently I did and here are the fun memories that I found.

On Mother's Day weekend, in Redmond, at Black Bear Dinner. Marissa loved the big bear.

Memorial Day weekend, after Gracie was dedicated at church, we went to Lucas and Toran's for dinner. First stop was Safeway for some last minute dinner items. Aiden and Marissa had a great time together in the "cart".

Marissa waiting patiently at Diagnostic Imaging to see a 3-D image of Spencer. Unfortunately Spencer didn't take his hands away from his face the entire time. We did however get a 3D picture proving that it was a boy.

After a long Saturday of Dan and Marissa working in the yard, Dan decided we needed to take a walk down to the park. Needless to say it ended up with Marissa and Dan "creek walking". Yes Dan went in with his clothes on...what a goof.

Since Dan had July 3rd off (we didn't even get more than 2 or 3 company phone calls on his "day off"), we decided to go up to Babies R' Us to get Spencer's Crib. We had Holly (a great high school gal) babysit Marissa and had the afternoon to ourself. It quickly turned into "grabbing pavers an hour out of the way" for the backyard and then going to Babies R' Us. We didn't have much spare time, but were able to stop at Fudruckers. It was Dan's first experience there and boy did he get more than he could handle.

Dan only ate 1/4 of the actual burger. He didn't expect it to be that big...I even warned him.

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