Thursday, May 27, 2010

Marissa Turned 2

*From: March 6th*
This year I decided to make Marissa's birthday a little more low key than last year (I am not sure I can pull off mulitple "crazy" parties in a year...and Spencer's 1st is coming up). We had a gathering at Home Place with pizza and cupcakes. I decided to do the plates and decorations in a luau theme (I wonder where that idea came from...Hawaii). We all had a great time celebrating my beautiful little girl.

Dan insisted on taking Marissa to Chuck-E-Cheese on her birthday. He did the same thing last year.

Marissa eating a cupcake at Home Place.

Singing happy birthday to my 2 year old.

Marissa with her aunt "A".

Dan got Marissa a seed starter kit for our garden. Marissa had so much fun watching Dan plant. She wouldn't touch anything because it was "dirty".

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