Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crazy Week

Relax and Enjoy
After BSF on Tuesday, Grace (she watches Marissa and is just an all around amazing gal) informed me that I could take some time for myself. This was a pleasant surprise and I knew exactly what I was going to Now I am not one who loves fact I don't really like it at all (maybe online shopping), but I needed to find an outfit for Marissa for our Christmas photo shoot on Saturday. After looking everywhere (and getting frustrated), I finally found the cutest dress that was not Christmas cheezy. I got to text a picture to Dan and he gave it the "OK".

Had a bad day
On Thursday, I was anticipating a day home doing laundry and packing for our upcoming vacation to California. It was quickly filled with eye appointments, doctors appointments, and blood draws. Early this week I realized that I didn't have any contact lenses left and would have to go in for a check up. After dropping Marissa off at my moms house, I made it to my appointment to find out that the surface of my eyes are damaged from the contact lenses that I have been wearing and that I have to wear my glasses (yuk) for 2 weeks. On top of that I have to put drops in my eyes 4 times a day and do a special "cleansing routine" to get my tear ducts from not clogging. Wow, guess I should have made this appointment a long time ago. Then I made an appointment for Marissa's ear infection just to double check that everything was clear before we flew down south. Come to find out Marissa still has an infected left ear. Poor girl. Will this ever go away? She has been such a trooper through it all and not too fussy, I am very impressed. After a short conversation with my doctor about some other issues that I have noticed with Marissa, she suggested we go draw blood to test a few different things (unrelated to her ear problems). So on top of an ear infection, this poor child had to have a lady poke her in the arm and draw blood. Needless to say she had a LONG nap in the afternoon. After all that craziness...we did get some laundry done and a little bit of packing. What a day!

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