Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekly Update

Weekly Update
This week has been a fun but somewhat of a lazy week. Dan left Sunday night at 12am for Spokane and made it just in time to start working Monday morning. Needless to say Dan was very tired Monday night and crashed early. He started on the last leg of the job at the Air Force Base. That possibly means his crew might be working around the area soon. The girls find it is much easier to get through the week knowing they only have a little more time to go until their man is home every evening. This week Dan worked through rain and snow...that cannot be very warm.

Annie and Marissa had a great day Monday just relaxing and cleaning the house (if you can call that part of relaxing). They got done just in time to make it to the annual Young Life Fugitive Club. Marissa got to spend some time with Papa on the bus before all the kids got there and ambushed the bus to get the best seat. Marissa learned that Young Life is a fun place for older kids. It was pretty loud...good thing Sasha was there to hang out with Marissa and keep her calm.

On Tuesday, Annie had her regular Bible Study Fellowship classes and Marissa got to hang out with Grace for the morning. I think Grace and "little Coop" get along very well. Marissa will be very happy to see her each Tuesday morning.

Wednesday was a great day for Marissa. She finally was back to her normal nap schedule (OK, maybe that is better for Annie). They also got to go to Olive Garden with a friend, Rachel. Marissa and Rachel's daughter, showed up wearing the same shirt...I guess you could say they have good taste. After lunch Annie and Marissa ran a few errands before they headed home to make dinner for the senior girls that come over on Wednesday nights. Marissa was in a great mood and kept the girls entertained the entire evening (except when they are watching America's Next Top Model). It is cute to listen to the girls fight over who gets to hold her next. Marissa definitely goes to sleep Wednesday night knowing that she is loved by many senior girls.

Everyone watching ANTM on the couch in their normal spots.

Jordan holding Marissa while everyone watches ANTM.

It was a great day on Friday with Dan coming home. Marissa and Annie also got the chance to go to the library for story time. Marissa loved watching all the kids walk around. She also enjoyed listening to fun songs and popping some bubbles. After Dan got home, Annie called her mother to see if they could get a baby-sitter for the evening. Rosemary and Ivan were excited to watch Marissa so that they could go out on the town (OK, just Silverton). Dan and Annie were able to meet up with their "best friends ever", Ryan and Tara to walk around Silverton First Friday's and go to dinner. While Dan and Annie were walking back from their car they were nearly run down by a crazy, wierdo in a VW Bug. It just ended up being Ryan Murphy and his girlfriend Jackie.

Marissa and Dan just hanging out on Saturday morning.

Marissa fully supporting her dad's company.

rissa Update
Marissa fits the term "ankle-bitter" to a tee. Lately she has been crawling to the couch while Annie is sitting and tries to bite her feet. She then proceeds to laugh and laugh. Dan informed Annie that she should not let Marissa do this anymore so she won't end up biting other peoples feet.

"But I think this is sooo funny mom!"

"Yep, that is where I am going to bite!"

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  1. Even Marissa has a Full Bore hat! Ryan is crushed. PS: We are so thrilled to see our friendship status ('best friends ever') in print! It's about time. We are still waiting for a picture in the living room.