Sunday, November 16, 2008

So Much Fun

...and There Was Another
On Sunday morning we welcomed a new cousin into the Ivan Schmidgall family. Toran, Lucas, and Aiden now have a little baby girl to love. Her name is Gracie Joy-Favber Schmidgall. Marissa and Gracie have more than just gender in common...their middle names are the same. Dan, Annie, and Marissa were able to visit them on Sunday after church before Dan drove back to Spokane. She is a beautiful little girl with a head full of hair (Marissa was very jealous). Toran and Annie are already talking about how much fun they are going to have since they are only 8 months apart. Christmas this year with the immediate family grew by two in just a year.

Oh, I Like Her
Monday is cleaning day around the Schacher household. Marissa and Annie spent most of the day cleaning the house. Late afternoon, Annie went to a ladies house that does Creative Memories and heard all about digital scrapbooking. She was so excited and started right away when she got home (and of course after she played with, fed, and put Marissa to bed). The consultant is such a great gal and both Annie and Marissa left enjoying their time.

As soon as they got home (after taking dinner to the YL leaders, looking for a new saftey gate, and not finding one) they were greeted by Aunt Michelle. The girls had their weekly dinner...humus and pretzels and watched The Hills. In between Annie convinced Aunt Michelle to help her put Marissa's new walker together. Needless to say with three girls (Annie, Marissa, and Michelle) it took quite a bit of time. Marissa mentioned after Aunt Michelle left just how much she appreciated her efforts and how much she likes her Aunt Michelle.

Aunt Michelle putting together Marissa's walker.

Aunt Michelle finally figured it out...I don't think Annie would have been able to do it alone.

Run, Run, Run.
Tuesday morning Marissa was able to spend some time with her good friend Grace while Annie went to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). Annie is learning so much about God's leading and as a couple Dan and Annie have been able to apply all the insights to their lives at this point. They feel so blessed and are content knowing that God has them where they are right now to continue to teach and prepare them for their next mission in life. They daily talk about all the Lord is teaching them and where He might be leading.

After BSF, Annie and Marissa were able to run a TON of errands. They returned many borrowed items to people, got some of the house screens re-screened, got a new saftey gate for the top of the stairs (Dan broke the old one this weekend :), and were even able to make it to the hospital to see Gracie and Toran. Marissa enjoyed dinner at the hospital (ok, maybe she didn't do so well with Annie feeding her there). It was a fun, productive, busy day. Needless to say Marissa was very tired at the end of the day.

Yea For Fun Cameras and Cute Hats!
Marrissa and Annie had a great time on Wednesday morning just trying on new hats (from Forever Little and Bella Jade) and taking fun pictures. What a wonderful morning with mother and daughter.
Wednesday evening Annie made chicken stir-fry and had the Senior girls to her house. It was a smaller group since there were a few that were sick and some just started basketball practice. Annie and Marissa can't wait to go to girls basketball games to watch Sasha and Tessa this year.

Up For An Adventure
Marissa and Annie needed to get out of the house after spending most of the day in on Wednesday, watching the rain and wind (poor Dan who has to work in that rain and wind). So, after contemplating various ideas they realize they couldn't do anything too big...because Marissa had a follow up doctors appointment. Annie was going to cancel it but had a hunch that it might be good idea to go. Well, come to find out Marissa had another ear infection in her left ear. After sitting at the doctors office for an hour and a half, then waiting for her new prescription for a half hour...Marissa was VERY tired. Once Marissa woke up from her nap the two of them needed to get out of the house. So they called their friends, Logan, Mason, Mya, and Tara. Marissa, Mason, and Maya (Triple M Threat) had a great time together. Marissa loved trying all the pacifiers that were around and playing with all the "new" toys. Tara and Annie got to catch up and chase the kids.

Story-time And Lunch
Last Friday, Annie and Marissa went to story time at the Silverton Library and had a great time. So they decided to take a trip there again this week. Marissa had a few friends there this week that were closer to her age and not running around. Afterward, Annie and Marissa went to lunch with an old friend, Summer. They had a great time talking and took their converstation to Annie's home so that Marissa could take a little nap (alright...she slept almost 4 hours...starting to feel better from the antibiotics). Summer and Annie caugth up and enjoyed each others company.

Dan was able to come home before midnight, but not in time for the 3 of them to make it to a wedding (thanks to accidents on the freeway). The family was able to go and visit their best friends Ryan and Tara and spent the evening chatting and eating Pad Thai...just like old times.

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