Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Artic Blast 2008

Fun in the Snow
It has been so unusual in the Valley this December, we have had snow for almost 2 weeks. Many families would be excited for this type of weather to go away, but our family LOVES it. Dan lives for this kind of weather because it means he can get out the Jeep and have fun with his large toy. He has come up with all the reasons I can think of to leave the house and drive around. On Monday and Tuesday Marissa and I joined him and drove around town most of the day. We managed to tow a few people up hills and pull others out that were stuck. Dan just loves helping people out and would drive around all day looking for people he could "give a hand".

Dan and I's drive's turned into me yelling "stop, that might be a good picture" :)

The ground is so white, it was beautiful!

Fun with the Bennetts
On Monday we decided to go into Salem with Ryan and Tara Bennett. We were able to call up Grandma last minute and run into Target. We had a great time, even though it was just a quick drive to town. In the evening we ended up at the Bennetts for a little bit and the kids had a blast together.

Mya and Marissa enjoying the Dan and Tara show.

Dan and Tara fighting for attention of the "girls". I think Tara won.

More Fun in the Snow
Even though there has been snow on the ground for more than a week, Dan and I hadn't taken Marissa out to experience it for the first time. So on Tuesday we decided it was definitely time and ventured to Dan's dad's house where there was nice powdery snow. There Marissa got to sink into almost 8 inches of cold snow. One of her first reactions was to try and eat the snow, since Dan had brought some in for her to try on Monday.

First family snow picture.

Daddy and Daughter having a special moment.

Marissa and I had fun in the snow.

All Marissa wanted to do was eat the snow. It got a little cold after a while.

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