Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not Quite Routine

Getting into a Routine
Monday was a good day, knowing that Dan was actually coming home in the evening, instead of being on countdown untill the weekend. Marissa went to her 9 month check-up and we found out that she is a healthy, normal 9 month old baby. She is in the 46th percentile for her weight and the 68th percentile for her height. She is a little tall, but right on for her age. Other than Marissa deciding that she only wanted to take 20 minute naps we had a great day.

One Thing Leads to Another
So a few weeks ago, I agreed to take on a Leader Appreciation dinner that Young Life does annually around Christmas for about 20 leaders. At first it was supposed to be a simple progressive dinner where I was calling people asking them to do a portion of the meal at their home. Well, it has turned into much more than that. I started thinking about how the same thing has happened for the last 5 years and that something else needed to be done. My mother and I were talking and decided that we should do a catered dinner at the Young Life Office. Then I kept adding stuff to is how it went: ...we should decorate the office...the leaders should dress semi-formal...I should make invitations...we should do some sort of a program...I'll make the program...we should do a murder mystery should be a "humor mystery dinner"...I'll have to create this "humor mystery" script...there should be some special music...I need to find a good song...I'll put a slide show together to go with the special music...the leaders should get cool gifts...they should get sweatshirts...I'll design the how am I EVER going to do this all myself and in 2 weeks.

This was just a little of how it got way out of hand in a very short time (this thought process happened at like 2am over two nights of sleeplessness). So most of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday were spent putting together the program for the evening, writing a script, finding a special song, and making a slide show of the leaders and their time with kids.

The invitation I made with my cool new scrapbooking program (I also made programs, inserts, and a slide show).

Some Time Away
For the most part of the week, Marissa and I were able to stay in and get laundry done and the house cleaned (oh, and not to mention all the Young Life stuff). On Thursday we were able to get into Salem and get our Christmas Cards printed. It might be a little bit until you see them in the mail, because they have to be re-printed (oh, well)...hopefully they make it out before Christmas. On Friday, Marissa and I got to go to story time again at the library.She is getting more brave each time and ventures off my lap to try and "play" with the older kids. It doesn't take long for her to realize she is not within reach of mom and turns around to come and cuddle (such sweet moments). In the evening, Tara Bennett and I were able to get away from our children and get some stuff done at a MOPS get together. I was able to finish making all my "tags" for my Christmas presents and chat with Tara a little.

Saturday Dan and I spent the day with the Bennetts celebrating Tara's birthday on a wine tour. We were able to take a limo to 5 different wineries. Dan and I found our new favorite type of wine (I don't know that we will ever give up on Riesling) and had a great time with everyone. I am sure there will be pictures of the exciting event (away from Marissa from the entire day, for the first time).

After church on Sunday, we went shopping as a family. Yes, we did venture to church even though there was snow on the ground. If you don't know my husband, this is even more of a reason to go somewhere and "play" in the snow. By the time we left the house the roads were pretty clear. In the evening we went down to the Young Life office for a few (ok, many) hours, to plan the wonderful event for the Young Life Leaders tomorrow night (please let the roads be clear so they can enjoy my hard work). I am excited and can't wait to see how all my planning will turn out.

*Since our week was so routine (except Saturday), we don't have many pictures for you all to look at. I am sure you will see many next week of Monday nights event.

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