Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weather Sometimes Changes Plans

Cold Weather Changes Plans (Sometimes)
The week began with crazy weather (as most of you probably already know). I love it, but when it gets cold in the Willamette Valley life is put on hold. So, first I was bummed to have to cancel a get together with two friends from college. We have tried 2 different times to get us and our kiddos together, but have had to cancel. Maybe we'll get to do it sometime soon. There was question on whether or not the YL Appreciation Dinner would continue, but with the catering plans and all the hard work people put in...on it went.

Young Life Leader Appreciation Night
Well, it finally came to a close on Monday night. All the hard work I put into the YL dinner helped things flow very well. Dan was able to get off work early (the BOSS let him off) and help me set up a few last minute things for the "Humor Mystery Dinner". We put lights up in the Young Life office, set up tables and chairs, set a "crime scene" on the stage, decorated a Christmas Tree, and practiced the program (some of this happened Sunday evening also). The leaders arrived dressed in their best, and expecting to do a progressive dinner. I think they were pretty surprised when the committee members served them hor' d'oeuvres while they were waiting outside. Once we let them in, Dan and some of the high school kids put on Act 1 of their skit. The leaders had clues to read for 3 different rounds and started playing along with the "game" by the end of the evening. We had a great dinner of chicken, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. Every ounce of work that was put into this evening was worth it while we were watching the leaders laugh and enjoy being served and appreciated. God has given them a gift of time and talent that they choose to use to change the lives of high school and middle school kids. It was a pleasure to put on a special evening for them. Here are some fun pictures from the evening.

Dan (aka Old Man River) and a group of YL kids putting on the "HVU: Humor Victims Unit" skit.

The beautifully set tables thanks to Krystina and Teresa (the master decorators).

The amazing group of Young Life and WyldLife leaders (minus 3) posing in the crime scene.

Stuck at Home
Most of the week Marissa and I just stayed home and tried to keep ourselves busy. There were days that I thought about venturing into Salem, but that thought passed and we continued to play at home. I remained at home and actually very unproductive pretty much all week. On Friday, we took an adventure as a family (I begged Dan to get out with Marissa and I) to the grocery store. It was quite the adventure :)

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