Thursday, April 16, 2009


Spring is such a fun time of year and it seems to be even more enjoyable with children. We had a great Easter Sunday! The day started off with Grandma and Grandpa Schmidgall and Aunt Michelle stopping by to give Marissa her Easter baskets full of clothes, toys, fruit snacks, and candy. After getting all dressed up, we made our way to church. Marissa enjoyed running around the foyer while Dan and I switched off watching her and listening to the sermon. It is a whole different ball game with kids...not quite as focused.

After church we headed home for a little nap and then to Aunt
Bev and Marilyn's for the Schmidgall Family dinner. After dinner the cousins had a little Easter Egg hunt and Marissa did such a good job. She collected almost 5 eggs (granted they were the obvious ones in the middle of the room) and knew that she needed to put them in her Easter basket and all. It was pretty cute. We are so thankful to have a family that takes time for each other and to stop and remember the importance of each holiday.

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