Saturday, June 6, 2009

Smoothie Cups

She Might Just Be A LITTLE Like Her Mom
Lately I have been craving smoothies. I decided that instead of spending $4-5 each time I feel like one, I would buy the necessary ingredients and make my own at home. I also love finding fun, little things, like cups and containers and then call them for example "my smoothie cup".

Well, as soon as Marissa found out that I was making smoothies, she wanted a taste. At first she was really good about only taking a sip or two from my cup. That quickly changed one day, when she insisted on holding my cup...and then insisted that it was her cup. So, I found a fun cup for her that we had gotten free from a restaurant and designated that as her smoothie cup. She is so funny and LOVES her cup. Whenever she sees her "cup" she gets so excited. Maybe a little bit of her mom in her. We love our smoothie cups.

Our smoothie cups.

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