Monday, August 3, 2009

Beach Bonding

A Little Girl Time
I had plans to go to the beach with my mom and sister on Thursday evening (a week ago). Since Dan and I didn't get home until 2:30am on Friday morning I wasn't able to go out on Thursday. However, Michelle and my mom took Marissa with them and I was able to go on Friday afternoon.

I missed my daughter so much and it was so weird to see her again on Friday evening. It seemed like she changed so much in such a short time. Oh, how I love my daughter!!!!! So what was supposed to be just the ladies for weekend bonding, turned into me taking time to bond with my daughter (although there was lots of lady bonding time too). We had a blast relaxing, shopping, playing on the beach, swimming in the pool, and cuddling (obviously that was Marissa and I :).

Aunt Michelle and Marissa going to the "aqua" (as Marissa says) or water.

Marissa and I playing in the sand.

Marissa loves playing in the sand and has a hard time leaving.

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