Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brother-Sister Bond

Something About Siblings
Marissa has fallen in love with her baby brother. Here is the proof:
-Wakes up each morning saying "baby, baby" and demands to see her little brother.
-MUST give Spencer a kiss each night before bedtime. That was added to her regular routine the day Spencer came home at Marissa's request.

-Loves holding Spencer and will say "hold, hold, hold" until I let her hold her baby brother.

-When asked if she is done holding Spencer she replies with a very definite "NO".

-Enjoys laying next to Spencer while he is under his "gym".

-Always wants to push him while he is in the swing and is concerned if the music turns off.

-If Spencer is crying, she is quick to come and let me know..."baby cry, baby cry" until I answer her or go to Spencer.

-Depending on the new word Marissa learns, she must insert "baby" in front of it. Example: New word "elbow"...Marissa's interpretation "baby, elbow"...and on and on.
Marissa insisting on pushing Spencer in his stroller.

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