Sunday, November 1, 2009

The GREAT Update

What We've Been Up To At Home
Well, since it has been such a long time since I have updated my blog, here is a short overview of the normal, everyday things we have been up to. Hope you enjoy!
Just doing some laundry.

Saturday mornings with Daddy = breakfast in bed...thanks Daddy!!

Dressing Our Boy in Pink
Now, laundry hasn't been my favorite thing to do...and especially not now with ALL the kids clothes that are added to the mix. Well, one night I realized I didn't have any more PJ's for Spencer and rather than trying to do a load "quick" (it's never quick), I just dug out a pair of Marissa's old PJ's. Dan got a little mad at me when he saw I was taking a picture of my little boy in a blue bed and pink PJ's. I thought it was pretty funny.

(No caption needed.)

"It's Potty Time For Me"
That is Marissa's favorite quote from a "potty book" that she has. Back in June-ish, I began our journey into the "potty world" by introducing Marissa to her very own potty. It took her a little while to decide to sit on it herself, but I think we are just starting to reap the rewards from our months of talking potty (and many more to come I am sure). She has been telling us AFTER she goes pee or poo in her diaper and wants to sit on the toilet. Not to mention she has gone poo 2x's (one was on the floor more than the potty...but a good try indeed) and pee 2x's on the potty. We haven't really gotten serious about potty training because she is only 20 months and we have the holiday's to get through (I am sure it would be embarrassing having accidents because she doesn't want to miss opening presents), so I will officially start training my daughter in January. I think she will be even more ready then and for now we will continue to go through the process of changing her diaper and then sitting on the toilet for at least 10 minutes after she has already gone (not to mention reading numerous books and watching Bear and Dolly go potty too)...oh too fun.

Just one of the many times a day we sit on the would sure be nice to have her actually go on it while she's sitting.

Smiling Baby Boy
It is sooo fun to re-live the baby moments we enjoyed with Marissa. I find myself cherishing those small things so much more this time, realizing that in only a few short months they will be gone and I won't be able to sit and cuddle and smile at my little boy. Here are some pictures to can you not smile looking at these, ahhhh baby laughs?

First documented smile.

Cutest little boy smile around.

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. NO, It's Children.
In celebration of my mom's birthday the Schmidgall family went to Roadhouse. While there is just not enough time to chat and catch up with family in the resturant we found ourselves chatting outside for a bit, while our children were getting antsy. So the men had a solution to the problem...throw them. We got some cute pictures of Marissa and Aiden being thrown in the air by their fathers. One is a little more risky as you can tell by the picture :).

Dan and Marissa with Lucas and Aiden.

A Quick Trip for Rogue Food
The story of my life...a "quick" trip turned leisure stroll. Luckily for Marissa it was around a pet store. Dan loves taking Marissa to see all the animals. They have such a great time talking about the animals, the sounds they make, and what they do.

Checking out the reptiles.

My Husbands Secret Ambition
Dan has talked on occasion about wanting to get turn-tables and how he would love to do some DJ-ing someday...even if it is just in his garage. I have always thought it was a far off dream...until the DJ Hero game came out. We "happened" upon it on a visit to Best Buy for some computer stuff and he hasn't forgot about it since. We went Saturday and bought the package and he has been playing it...and loving it ever since. I guess he is living his dream. Marissa loves dancing to the music...oh dear what a little "daddy's girl".

Dan testing out DJ Hero. Marissa on the drums.

Don't Forget Bear
Marissa has recently taken an interest in her stuffed animals and dolls. She likes to treat them like babies, feeding, burping, and putting them in the stroller (hmmm, I wonder why). It is so cute to see her nurture and care for them...I know they are only stuffed animals, but it is so precious to see that loving heart.

Marissa eating snack with her dolls.

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