Friday, September 10, 2010

Pep Talks

Hey blogging world. I know it has been forever since I have posted and quite frankly I don't even know if anyone still reads this (or ever did).

I guess I am writing asking for prayer for strength and wisdom. My hubby is leaving for Missouri tomorrow morning for a job. It is a good thing (I keep telling myself) and will be good for the company (I keep telling myself) and help us out (I keep telling myself) in a hard finacial time. It came about so quickly that I didn't really get much time to process it all (until I started "really" thinking about it today). There is no real time frame on the job, just a "whatever, whenever" (whenever it snows so much they can't drill or until the job is done).
I would drop everything and go with him, but the job came up so fast that I didn't have anytime to figure out the details. I have some random comittments that I just don't feel comfortable backing out of. I also just committed to watching a 2 1/2 year old boy and don't want to let that mother down feeling like she has no childcare. So, I feel like I am somewhat stuck here.

If I am going to be honest...I am having a hard time. I am such a logical thinker that throughout the last week of contemplating this job my attitude was "this is what we have to do". However, when it comes down to Dan leaving in the morning and me being with the kids by myself for the next's rather hard and all logic has gone out the window.

So, I end my day counting the number of "pep-talks" (turned "ok, how is this going to work, talks") I have given myself over and over again. "You can do this, Andrea." "People go through much worse." "It's only a month tops till I see him again." "The kids can see him on Skype." "You CAN do this, Andrea." You get the picture...
So, I leave you begging for some prayer. Strength for me, Dan, and the kids. Wisdom to know what to do, when we should go and when I need to stay. Prayer for Dan's partners family. Prayer for their employee's wives. Peace to get through my nights (that seems to be the worst time). Patience and Love to show to my children. A heart of thankfulness toward the Lord. An open spirit that is willing to growing deeper in love with Christ and learn more than I ever imagined through out the next month or more.
I also leave you with some of my favorite pictures that depict how wonderful of a dad Marissa and Spencer have!!!
Sitting on the dock at the lake, putting their feet in the water.
Just fishing.
At a wedding where Marissa was the flower girl and Dan was the officiant, best man, and reception MC.
Planting seeds.

Wrestling and kisses...two of our favorite things.


  1. thinking of you annie! that sounds tough. wish we were there to play with you guys!

  2. Thanks Grace! It really means a lot. Hope you are all doing well!!