Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Positive Thinking

As I have been going about the last week, husband-less (Missouri has him), I have been trying to be positive. Here are some of the "up-sides" of not having a husband for a month:

-I only do 5/6th of the laundry I normally do (yes, the kids each count for 2 people when it comes to laundry and no it isn't that much of a difference, but when it comes to laundry...i'll take anything).

-I don't have to make "big" dinners. Kids can eat chicken nuggets and I can have a salad (or wheat thins and ice-cream) for dinner if I want without feeling guilty for not making something elaborate.

-I don't have to move dirty boots from the carpet to the "actual place" the dirty boots are supposed to go everyday.

-I can park my car anyway I want to without worrying about Dan's pickup fitting in our driveway.

-My mom feels bad that I am "husband-less" and offers to watch my kids more (thanks mom).

-I tend to get more done when Dan is gone. I have the attitude that "if something is going to get done around here, it has to be me that does it". And I don't get in an argument with anyone for having that attitude.

-I never have to explain that the laundry basket is only 3 steps from where the clothes landed on the floor.

-Dan's "man bathroom" gets cleaned...and stays cleaned.

-I pay closer attention to the small details in my kids lives to make sure Dan hears about or sees pictures (or video) of whats happening.

-I am forced to rely on Christ, because I don't have someone around each evening to talk with, complain to, or hug, whenever I desire.

So, there you have it. Some of the positives that come out of not having a husband for a month at a time.

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