Saturday, June 12, 2010

Everyday Fun

Here are some precious, everyday moments that I have been able to encounter the last few months. Oh, how my little ones are growing.

Love these two little ones.

Spencer finding his feet for the first time. He is so little...I miss that.

Marissa's first pigtails. She loved them. Anytime we go anywhere she insits on "ponytails".

Precious father/son moment. Love these two boys!

Hmmm...this explains a little bit of how quickly this little boy picked up on crawling, climbing stairs, oh, and getting into everything. Little boys, little boys.

So he didn't get up on the bike, but it does fall on him often as he tries to crawl up on the bike himself.

Marissa loves it when I put her in Spencer's crib. They are too cute together.

When Spencer wakes up from his nap, Marissa goes upstairs to keep him company until I have the opportunity to come up and get him. The other day I found Marissa "reading" to Spencer. So, special.

Spencer's first "big bath". He is a crazy kid...diving for anything and everything he sees in the water. Marissa loves to have a buddy to play and splash with.

Brother and sister swinging. They are going to be best buds.

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