Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monster Truck

*From May 16th*
Well, my husband never stops surprising me...actually, I don't think anything will surprise me anymore. His company traded "something" for...a Monster Truck. It has been fun to watch all of their friends, co-workers, relatives, etc. come down to the equipment yard with their kids and take a ride on the Monster Truck. Dan justifies keeping it, saying "it's good advertising", but then says they will probably sell it eventually. So, while it is in our possession...we have been able have some fun with it.

Marissa and Dan in front of the tire.

Marissa and Logan Bennett taking a ride in the back of the Monster Truck. They both thought it was pretty loud.

The Bennett children and Marissa in the tire of the Monster Truck.

Of course, Ryan and Dan had to take the truck for a spin while I watched the kids.

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