Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dan, Annie, Marissa...and Baby Schacher

About 3 weeks ago, Dan and I got a surprise...a positive pregnancy test! We had not been planning on having another baby just yet, but it wasn't something we were totally waiting on either. Dan is VERY excited (Dan would have had another child RIGHT after we had Marissa...yeah, only 9 months apart), and I am still getting used to the idea of having another so soon. We wanted to wait till Marissa's birthday party in March to announce the arrival of our second, but we just couldn't wait...I'm not good with secrets. So I decided (with the help of a friend) to let everyone know on Marissa's birthday initiation in a subtle way. If you can read the invitation it says: "Celebrate! Please join Dan, Annie, Marissa, and Baby Schacher". As you can imagine, on Monday evening after everyone got their days mail, I got quite a few calls. Many people said they read it over and over making sure they really understood what it meant. I enjoyed announcing it this way and can't believe that I am already 10 weeks along (I guess that goes with not realizing you are pregnant until you are already 7 weeks). So my due date is September 12th, which makes Marissa and Baby #2 only 18 months apart. Everywhere I go, I ask mothers how old their children are, because I am curious about what Marissa will doing at that age. This was definitely not planned by Dan and I, but completely by the Lord! What a blessing baby #2 will be when he/she arrives.

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  1. How exciting! Andrew's babies will be 18 mos apart too. Carissa is due in April with baby #2. Let me know if you need any tips! My girls were 11 mos old when Coby was born. You'll be busy! Congrats! Marissa is adorable. Can't believe she's almost 1!