Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Than Just Naps and Laundry

The Birthday Girl
I am excited to put together a fun party for Marissa. I have already thought about ideas and gone shopping for decorations (about a month ago I started looking). Tara gave me the idea to do brown and pink polka dots and I am so glad that she did, because it is going to be fun to decorate. I have already found and ordered some cute stuff online and my sister and I are going shopping next week for more decorations. I found the perfect brown and pink head bow and onesie (shown in the invitation picture) for her to wear. I can't wait to celebrate Marissa's first year of only happens once.

Getting a "bottom shot". How cute is that?

So What's Actually Been Going On?
Well, the last few weeks I have been feeling SO tired (you think that would have been a hint that I was pregnant), and have not been doing much but sleeping when Marissa sleeps and relaxing when Marissa is awake. I have been pushing myself each day to walk with my mom, so that takes up 1/2 of my day's energy. My husband has been amazing and doing all the laundry, but unfortunately that is where he stops. I am then left folding and putting away clothes. I don't like folding and putting away laundry anyways, but especially when I am feeling so tired. I feel guilty because in our upper den area there is folded laundry everywhere, waiting for me to put it into our closets. So, if my blog hasn't been that exciting over the course of the last few's because my life hasn't either...sleeping, folding laundry, and watching Marissa play.

Swimming Lessons
After hearing from a friend that the YMCA in Silverton was starting a new round of swimming lessons, I decided to sign Marissa and I up. We began this week on Tuesday morning. I normally go to BSF and leave Marissa with my mom, but this week she was out at the beach. So, I decide if I couldn't go to BSF, I was going to take Marissa to her first swimming lessons. We got there way to early, so Marissa was very antsy by the time it actually got to her lessons. She was very excited for the water at first, but once the swimming instructor took her, it became a different story. Now Marissa is normally a pretty independent girl. Not this time...all she wanted was to lay on her mothers shoulder. I actually felt needed by her for the first time in a while. After swimming for 20 minutes (she was getting pretty cold, so we got out 10 minutes early), taking a warm shower, getting bundled up, and going back home, Marissa took a 3 hour 45 minute nap (I did too :). WOW, that must have taken a lot of energy to go swimming.

On Thursday, we went to our second swimming lesson, and did much better. She was still a little scared at first, but eventually warmed up to the teacher and ventured off mom's hip. Dan was able to stop by for a few minutes to watch and Marissa warmed up quite a bit once he got there. It is amazing what dad's can do. Looking forward to next Thursday to see what she will be willing to do.

Marissa blowing the camera "kisses" in her new bathing suit and cover up.

Bible Study...Soon to Turn "Spiritual Play-Date"
I am really excited about the opportunity that I have had to meet with a couple of girls, that I previously taught with at Butte Creek (and two others), on Wednesday mornings to do a Bible study. Two of the gals have babies (one 4 months old and the other 6 months old, then Marissa) and the other two are pregnant (one is due in June and the other late August). With the addition of my pregnancy (in September) we were laughing on Wednesday about what our Bible Studies are going to look like next fall. With 6 children, 3 newborns and 3 walkers, we can't wait to figure out how we are going to "study" the Bible. We all decided it was going to be more like a "spiritual play-date". I am looking forward to Marissa playing with the other children and hearing their moms (and her mom) talk about the Lord....what could be better?

What It Means To Me To Be A Mom Full Time
On Friday night, the three (four including baby #2) of us ventured out to our second basketball game this year (sad to say, it was only our second). I always enjoy watching my old Young Life girls play and I am always up for talking "coaching strategy" with those interested around me. Dan was able to take Marissa up to the mezzanine to run around during the second 1/2 of the game. Unfortunately the girls lost, so afterward they were a little upset.

While I was waiting for the girls to come back from their "post-game meeting", I ran into some people that I only see occasionally. The question came up of whether I was back to teaching or not. I politely answered that I was able to stay at home full time with Marissa. Now it is not that people blatantly come out and say something, it is more the look on their faces when you mention
you are a stay-at-home mom. *Disclaimer: I am not meaning to offend anyone with the following statements. I am blessed to be able to stay at home and realize that some people are not wired that way or are not able to financially be at home full time. So, please don't take me the wrong way!* At the beginning of my ventures into motherhood, I almost made excuses like "I am thinking about going back" or "maybe next year", but lately I am realizing that it isn't something that I should have to defend. So, I decided to write a list of what being a "stay-at-home mom" means to me, in order to prove to myself and the rest of the world that it is something that is WONDERFUL!

Me and my beautiful daughter after a bath.

1. I feel blessed to discipline my children every day of the week, the way that I choose.
2. I feel blessed that I get to teach my children how God has blessed our family, every minute of the day.
3. I feel blessed to be able to read the Word of God to my children before each of their naps during the day.
4. I feel blessed that my child is able to study me throughout the day. The way I react, how I treat people, and what I say.
5. I feel blessed to have a husband that works so
hard at whatever he does to make sure that I have the choice to stay-at-home.
6. I feel blessed that my husband is able to come home to a child that he can enjoy and not have to worry about laundry or dishes.
7. I feel blessed to be able to track the development of my child throughout the day.
8. I feel blessed that I get the entire day to figure out what my child's God-give talents are and then find ways to encourage her in those areas.
9. I feel blessed that I get to meet other moms to encourage and lean on for encouragement.
10. I feel blessed that the Lord gave me a calling, maybe a hard one to do at times, or one that is not looked on favorably, but is
rewarding in ways I could never have been rewarded with a full time career.

Not to say that sometimes I don't miss the excitement, challenge, structure, accomplishment, and pride (the list could definitely go on) that goes with being a professional. I often times think that teaching is quite a bit easier and would be worth getting back into. However, I am humbled by my baby girl and the difficult calling that God has given me at this point in my life. I don't know what the future will bring our little family of four, but I do know that right now I am a "stay-at-home mom", maybe not the best one around, but a proud one!

A Relaxing Valentines Day
On Saturday, Dan spent some quality time with Marissa while I was able to go to Salem with my sister for a much needed pedicure. For some reason being gone for 3 hours just doesn't seem long enough, however, I didn't have anything else to do. Once I got home, Dan and Marissa had gone on an adventure and so I was able to take a nice long nap. When they got home and after I woke up, I found that Dan had gotten me a dozen roses, chocolates, a teddy bear, and 2 tickets to a Blazer game (on my birthday). Now, I am not the kind of person that demands gifts, flowers, or even chocolates on Valentines Day. In fact I even told Dan this week that the whole day was kind of a joke and a marketing ploy. What a sweet, sweet husband. In the evening, my mother brought over a casserole for Dan and I and a Valentines Day basket for Marissa. Then Dan's sister came over, hung out, and ate dinner with us. It was a wonderful, relaxing day.

The "presentation" Dan created.

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