Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Are We Going To Do?

Normal Week
This week was pretty uneventful with a few exciting moments. On Thursday both Dan and I had dentist appointments while the other watched Marissa. Dan chose to go to the second appointment so that he could go to swimming lessons with Marissa (of course he would choose that). They had a great time and Marissa continues to come "out of her swimming shell".

Sister Time
On Friday morning I attended MOPS and was able to relax while enjoying time with other moms. Dan had left the night before (Thursday night) for a guys weekend at Sunriver snowmobiling. So, Friday evening my sister, Michelle, came over and we worked on making Marissa's birthday party the cutest we possibly could. We made centerpieces for the tables and came up with many other great ideas to make sure the kids and adults have a good time celebrating Marissa's first year of life.

Typical Saturday Morning
Normally on Saturday mornings Marissa and Dan will wake up (let me sleep in :) and go to Gear Up (a local coffee shop in town) to bring us home some pastries and coffee. Well since Dan wasn't around I figured I needed to keep up the tradition with Marissa. So we walked to the coffee shop, sat and had pastries (Marissa had a banana, which is like a pastry to her :) and walked home, just in time for her morning nap. In the afternoon we were able to go over to my moms house to swing, which she also absolutely loves. Grandma got out the wagon and walked her around the property for a while. When it was time to go, she actually resisted going to her mother...I guess gramdma's is just too fun. We had a good weekend together.

"What Do You Think We Are Going To Do..."
On Sunday night after Dan got home we spent some time talking and he spent hung out with Marissa. It was about an hour before her bedtime, Marissa was getting a little cranky, and so in passing I made the comment "what are we going to do for another hour". I get this funny look from Dan as his eyes pass around the room and he grabs a blanket. He then replied "what do you think we are going to do for an hour" as he puts Marissa on the blanket and begins to pull her around the room. They had such a good time together doing the silliest of things. Marissa is so blessed to have such a fun and creative dad, that cherishes each moment he spends with her. I can't wait until she is old enough to remember the crazy things he does and the caring look in his eyes.

Dan pulling Marissa around on a blanket for almost an hour.

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  1. Marissa is at such a fun age. It just gets better and better. What amazing parents you both are!