Monday, February 9, 2009

"It's Not a Phone...It's a Music Player"

So last week was pretty routine, with my sister coming over on Monday to watch "The City" and hang out, BSF on Tuesday morning, lazy days on Wednesday and Thursday, and then going to a play group with MOPS on Friday. Well, one of those days Dan came home while I was trying to get ready. He walked in and Marissa had my phone. We have always said that we didn't want Marissa playing with cell phones, because we didn't want her to scream when we needed to take it away. Sometimes as a mom, you find that only a few items will truly entertain your is cell phones for Marissa. When I am absolutely in a pinch and need to have a few moments of worry free time...I do the unthinkable...give Marissa the cell phone. Now the way I justify it to Dan is that it is not actually the phone that Marissa's a music player. She absolutely loves it when I turn on the music player and let her carry it around while it plays music. Dan just shook his head in disbelief.

Marissa VERY excited to have her "music player". This is even an "action walking" picture.

All funniness aside, it is so precious when I do turn the music on. The first song that comes up is "Alleluia" by Jennifer Knapp. Marissa will bounce up and down and today she began mimicking the noises of the song. I had to stop for a moment and listen to my beautiful, almost one-year old daughter singing. Maybe she wasn't intentionally singing to the Lord, but my heart was pleased it was music that would be pleasing to Him coming out of the "music player" and out of her mouth. I can't wait for the day that Marissa sings praises to our God, how amazing those sounds will be to a mom...and even more to a Creator.

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