Saturday, March 7, 2009

Marissa Turned ONE!

Birthday Bash
On Saturday we had a special birthday party for Marissa. My sister and I had a blast planning the party and couldn't wait to decorate and celebrate. We had planned activities for kids of all ages. There were blocks and beach balls for the little ones, sticker scenes and coloring paper for the preschool aged, sand art for the older kids, and a little game focused on Marissa for the adults. There was an amazing cake and a candy bar for desert, while we had tacos for lunch. I told Dan that this is what he gets when I don't have a classroom to let out all my creativity in...a crazy little party. I think everyone had a great time and we were able to catch up with a some friends in between all the party excitement. Marissa did the regular first birthday stuff, like opening presents, digging into cake, and enjoying her friends. We really appreciated all our friends and family that came to spend part of the afternoon with Marissa to celebrate her first year of life. What a fun time we had!!!!

One of the decorated tables. It was fun for Michelle and I to make these over the course of the past month.

All I told the cake lady was "I would like it brown with pink polka dots" and this is what she came up with for an unbeatable price. I was so amazed!

The "sweets" table. 8 jars of candy and an amazing cake.

Marissa loves her Grandma (most of the time choosing her over mom) and was happy to have her help open gifts.

Pretty excited to eat her birthday cake.

The "family" picture. I think Marissa is more interested with the cake.

Balloons and cake...too exciting.

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