Sunday, March 15, 2009

Birthday Happenings

Turning 28!
For Valentines Day, Dan got us Blazer's tickets for the day of my birthday (clever, huh). So Wednesday, Papa (Dan's dad) came over at 4:30pm to watch Marissa and Dan and I ventured out on a date for the first time literally since last July. As we were driving up to Portland I realized I forgot our camera. Dan didn't feel like we needed one, but I insisted on stopping at a Walgreens to at least get a disposable camera. Once that camera was out of it's packaging, my husband was posing and telling me "hey, hey take a picture of this, no, this will be a good picture". He is such a ham and we had fun with our "fake, digital camera". Since we got a later start that we wanted and I HAD to stop for a camera we went straight to the game instead of going out to dinner first. The game was fun (I really enjoy stuff like that) and we got to see almost half of the actual court over the heads of two tall people in front of us that insisted on rubbing their fingers through each others hair. We ended up switching halfway through the game, so we could see different views of the court for each half. After the game we went to Urban Fondue for some desert, although we ended up getting cheese fondue with fruit and mushrooms (not our initial idea of desert, but REALLY good). Dan took his posing to the next level...out of hand, and we had a great time just goofing around. By the end of the evening we were definitely feeling old and ready for bed. Papa did such a good job with Marissa, she was snuggled in and sleeping soundly when we got home.

*Pictures will come at a later date, due to the nature of the camera and the fact that we have to actually take them to a photo center to "develop" them instead of just downloading. :0)

Logan's Birthday Party
Logan Bennett's birthday is one day before mine and is always celebrated with an amazing themed party. On Saturday we were able to go to the Bennett family home (Ryan and Tara's) to celebrate. Marissa was able to play with the many other little ones there and Dan and I had a great time with all the adults. After the party we hung out for a while and had some pizza. We always enjoy the Bennett birthday parties and hanging out with some great people.

Marissa playing with a balloon at Logan's party. She smiles as soon as Jessica brings out the camera...just like her dad.

Just having a little snack.

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